Center for Medical Cannabis Education and Research Opens at Thomas Jefferson University

Recent legislation changes has made medical marijuana legal in much of the country. For the states that already allow medical marijuana and the states that are still examining the idea, research is the key to moving forward.

One university is about to take a major leap for cannabis research. Thomas Jefferson University has created the Center for Medical Cannabis Education & Research to study medicinal marijuana and other cannabis-related therapy options.

A New Frontier for Medical Marijuana Research

This research center will offer unbiased data for patients and clinicians. It is part of the school’s Institute of Emerging Health Professions and will continue the institution’s commitment to staying ahead of the constant evolution of the healthcare industry.

Thomas Jefferson University’s president and CEO, Dr. Stephen K. Klasko, explained that one of the university’s goals is to understand and research “new cutting-edge methods for the treatment of disease.”

Dr. Charles V. Pollack will run the Center for Medical Cannabis Education & Research. He is the director of the Institute of Emerging Health Professions and the university’s associate provost for innovation in education.

Pollack explained that the center will provide much-needed research to test and validate marijuana before it is used to manage illnesses and treat pain. The center will also focus on marijuana-related social innovation and patient experience.

For example, the center will offer scientific data about cannabis to crucial groups like nurses, dispensaries, case managers, law enforcement agencies and the general population. It will teach about the misconceptions that many people have about marijuana and make sure they have the appropriate expectations about using marijuana for medical purposes.

The center will also partner with other research facilities here in the U.S. and internationally, according to the university’s website.

Why is Medical Cannabis Education Important

As marijuana legislation opens up the door for a larger number of patients using medicinal marijuana, it is crucial to have research to support efforts and ensure that the medical community has the data they need.

Since marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, there are not many federal research options for medicinal marijuana. This is why the Center for Medical Cannabis Education & Research will fulfill a major gap in the study of cannabis for clinical use.

Since the center will use both physician-based and patient-based data, this research will be a massive step forward for the future of medical marijuana for the healthcare industry and those they serve.

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