Why Seniors are Embracing Marijuana

There is a common misconception that marijuana users are often young people in their twenties. Though a number of people in that demographic partake in marijuana, it is not the young crowd that makes up the fastest-growing demographic of marijuana users.

Between 2013-2014, people 55 years old and older had the largest increase in marijuana use, according to CBS This Morning. This demographic went from 2,812,000 to 4,309,000 marijuana users in that time frame, according to the segment. This shows that seniors are embracing marijuana at a rapid pace.

Seniors Make Up The Fastest-Growing Demographic of Marijuana Users

Though the older generation is using marijuana at a faster rate than other demographics, there are still some seniors that are against the growing pro-cannabis legislation across the country.

During the CBS This Morning segment, they visited the largest marijuana dispensary in California, Harborside Health Center. Steve Deangelo, the facility’s executive director, explained how some seniors don’t realize how much they could benefit from marijuana.

“There’s a tragic, almost ironic, phenomenon which is that, seniors who are one of the groups who could most benefit from using cannabis, are the single group which remains the most opposed to reforming cannabis laws,” Deangelo said.

Marijuana can be used for a number of medicinal purposes that could benefit seniors. Since people tend to have more health problems as they get older, marijuana can provide relief for a variety of ailments.

How Dispensaries.com Can Help Seniors with Embracing Marijuana

Seniors are in the stage of life where they know what they like and who they trust, so it can be nerve-wracking to try something new. Since many seniors grew up in a time with strict marijuana laws and an anti-marijuana agenda, recent changes in marijuana legislation can be an adjustment.

To get over any worries, seniors need a trusted resource to educate them on marijuana, from the latest news on legislation and culture to information on cannabis products and dispensaries.

Dispensaries.com is one-stop place for all the marijuana information that people need in order to make an educated decision. On the site, seniors can learn about medical marijuana studies, health information and all about different marijuana products.

In the Market Place, people can find information on edibles, cultivators, extractors, vaporizers, CBD/hemp, professional services, fashion/lifestyle and other marijuana-related items. Every section offers information about brands and companies that offer cannabis products or services across the different categories.

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