7 Easy Marijuana Gift Ideas For The Weed-Lover In Your Life

Marijuana. The gift that keeps giving. If someone you know and love in your life regularly uses cannabis, then a whole new area of gift-giving has opened up. And knowing what someone wants is half the battle. The other half is finding the right marijuana gift ideas to meet that want.

Marijuana Gift Ideas

Luckily, marijuana-related gifts span the range from pipes and oils to pet food and water. It’s a virtual cornucopia of choices. The following seven ideas will get you going in the right direction.


Vaping is considered the best way to partake in cannabis by many. Rather than combust weed and inhale the smoke, the marijuana is heated to just below combustion temperature. It makes for a smoother experience. It’s also kind of necessary for those who 1) can’t tolerate smoke and 2) want to be discrete with their cannabis use. If you’ve got a decent gift budget, consider the latest models such as the DaVinci IQ.

Pet Food

If cannabidiols (CBD) products are good for humans, why not pets? If your gift recipient has a dog or cat, cannabis offers plenty of options. Plenty of veterinarians around the country are extolling the benefits of marijuana-infused pet food, such as those offered by VETCBD. The food has the healthy components found in cannabis without the ingredient that causes the “high” feeling. It’s especially beneficial for older dogs who experience aches, pains and inflammation. It also can help animals deal with anxiety.


Sure, buying a box of regular chocolates is a fine choice for a gift. But why not up the gift-giving game a few notches? Cannabis-infused chocolates come with the same great taste of regular chocolates, but with the added fun of cannabis. In some cases, such as with To Whom It May Chocolates in Los Angeles, the gift is discreetly delivered right to the recipient’s door.

Bottled Water

That’s right, even bottled water has been impacted by legalized marijuana. Companies, such as CBD Living Water, now offer bottled water infused with nano-sized CBD particles. All the great benefits of CBD apply here. They include reducing anxiety, depression, inflammation, aches and pains and even nausea. For the cannabis lover in your life, adding CBD-infused water to their daily routine is something they at least will want to try.


This is the more well-known area of CBD products. The line of available product is lengthy. All of the benefits listed above apply. And because there is no “high” feeling, these products focus directly on providing health benefits. For most marijuana users, that’s the very reason they like cannabis in the first place.

Wedding Gifts

This list is more generalized – we are thinking birthdays or holidays. However, it would be remiss not to  mention the plethora of wedding gifts now available for the cannabis-loving couple in your life who are about to tie the knot. For more about this budding area of marijuana gift-giving, check this out.


Sports fans wear jerseys. Rock fans wear the latest the concert T-shirt. So, of course, your marijuana-loving friend is going to want the latest cannabis gear. But it ranges far beyond a shirt or cap. High-demand products include “canna-purses” for women and skin care products. You can see some of the options here.

The legalization of cannabis around the country has opened up a whole new area of opportunity for marijuana gift ideas. Take advantage the next time your cannabis-loving friend’s birthday rolls around.

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