New Book Focuses on Practicing Proper Marijuana Etiquette

We live in a tradition-busting era when many of the old rules surrounding proper public behavior have gone the way of the dodo and the dinosaur. However, at least one area demands a bit of respect for the rules, and it involves marijuana etiquette.

Apparently seeing a void in the market for guidance on how to behave when it comes to marijuana – including what to do on your first visit to a dispensary – author Andrew Ward has packaged the accumulated wisdom on marijuana etiquette into a new book.

“The Art of Marijuana Etiquette: A Sophisticated Guide to the High Life,” recently went on sale. It’s a good gift idea for someone new to cannabis or as a refresher for you to keep around the house.

“When it comes to cannabis, there are numerous unspoken rules that users take very seriously,” according to a press release from the book’s publisher, Skyhorse. “Whether we’re talking about puff, puff, pass or supplying your own munchies, the marijuana community has always tried to keep etiquette as a staple of the lifestyle.”

Guiding Readers Through All Phases of Weed Life

Ward’s marijuana etiquette book promises to “guide you through all phases of weed life so you can enjoy the highest quality hydroponic without being disrespectful to those around you.”

The book covers “lessons” in marijuana language and terminology, detailed explanations on how to roll a joint, ways to improve a smoking session and how to prepare for visiting a legal marijuana dispensary.

A Brooklyn-based journalist, Ward sat down with cannabis users to discuss what they felt are the most important lessons in marijuana etiquette. The book is intended to “continue the proud tradition of respect among stoners, while also educating those joining the party on how to carry themselves. Respect is key, and the more you understand about how to enjoy and medicate with cannabis, the better we will all be,” according to the press release.

The Important Thing Is to Relax

Most people know the “puff, puff, pass” rule, which means taking two drags on a joint before passing it to the next person. It ensures everyone gets the same amount of smoke from a joint. You might hear people scold those who hold a joint as “Bogarting,” which refers to the way the late film star Humphrey Bogart smoked cigarettes on screen.

Ward told Forbes he wrote the book with the intention of helping people relax and enjoy one of the best things about marijuana: sharing it with others. He said simple rules of marijuana etiquette can make the experience that much better.

“At the end of the day, the cannabis community is more about sharing,” he said. “It’s about community, it’s about making people feel comfortable, you know, coming out of it better.”

Ward also delves into what to expect when you walk into a dispensary. You can get an excellent idea by looking at what’s available on the online marketplace.

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