NFuzed Offers Customers New Ways to Enjoy a Little Escape

As the cannabis industry matures, the type of products available become more sophisticated. Many companies have emerged to offer the cannabis curious a chance to enjoy the benefits of cannabis and CBD without having to smoke it.

These products include edibles and inhalers, two methods of using cannabis that have grown in popularity over the past few years. The proof is in the data – Statista projects that the market for edibles alone will reach more than $4.1 billion by 2022 in the United States and Canada.

One company well-known in this area of the cannabis industry is NFuzed, which offers customers a unique lineup of cannabis edibles and inhalers. Each is designed to deliver customers what the company calls “new ways to enjoy their little escape.”

NFuzed Cannabis Products

Offering Something Different to Cannabis Consumers

As noted on the NFuzed site, the use of cannabis is something that’s been a part of human culture for centuries. But the methods for how to enjoy cannabis have not evolved over time.

NFuzed started as a way to offer customers that “immediate, mellow feeling of smoking and vaping” without having to actually smoke or vape. They achieved that goal through the creation of sweet-and-sour gummies and cannabis-infused inhalers packed with 250mg of THC.

They also set out to reassure customers who might be put off by a market where they don’t always know the THC level in products they buy. NFuzed addresses this concern by creating a manufacturing process where edible doses are precisely and consistently dosed. The company notes that “our products are measured out at reasonable doses but still strong enough for experienced users.”

NFuzed recommends that users “slowly experiment” with their products until they find the amount that works best for them.

NFuzed GummiesSweet and Sour Gummies

NFuzed offers sweet and sour gummies edibles. Each package contains gummies infused with 10mg of THC. They also offer gummies that contain 1:1 CBD/THC (50:1 CBD/THC is available in Colorado).

The company gets all ingredients for their products from well-known and trusted local sources. They also have their products laboratory tested to provide a consistent dosage. This addresses any concerns customers might have about the dosage they get when eating a gummy, something that’s especially helpful for those who new to using edibles.

The gummies are gluten-free but not vegan because they contain gelatin. NFuzed works with an HAACP-certified confectioner to produce the cleanest and highest quality gummies.

NFuzed InhalerCannabis Inhalers

Inhalers provide the opportunity to intake THC though inhaling, but without the potential irritation caused by smoke. NFuzed has a patented product that offers a way to inhale with complete discretion (they advertise it as discrete enough “for that visit to Nana’s house”). There’s no paraphernalia and no odor.

The cannabis inhalers also allow users to better regulate cannabis intake. Each inhaler contains 250mg of THC. With every puff, users take in 5mg of THC. This allows them to measure precisely how much cannabis goes into their system.

Users simply place the mouth of the small, portable inhaler between their teeth and above their tongue. They then close their lips around the inhaler and breath in. It’s just that simple. The inhaler is easily closed and stored for the next use.

With these innovative approaches to marijuana products, NFuzed is at the forefront of companies that offer consumers a new way to enjoy cannabis. It’s a welcome option in a market that continues to evolve and give consumers more options to enjoy cannabis in a way that best fits their lifestyle.

This content was sponsored by NFuzed, helping patients, cannabis enthusiasts, and casual consumers unwind and enjoy life.

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