You May Now Buy Weed in Oregon. Just Because.

Do you live in Oregon? Are you at least 21 years of age? Congratulations. You may now purchase weed and possess and consume it just because.

Recreational marijuana is now officially game on in Oregon, with sales beginning shortly after midnight last night. This makes Oregon the third state in the U.S. to put this kind of voter approved state level legislation into effect.

Oregon Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Yes, pot is still considered a controlled substance and illegal under U.S. Federal law. However, voters within states like Alaska and Oregon are doing away with the medicinal use only requirements 23 other states have enacted. In Oregon it became legal to grow and posses weed in July of this year.

Adults may purchase limited quantities from existing medicinal use suppliers. There aren’t yet shops and businesses for public sale as there are in Colorado or Washington. Regulations and licensing requirements are still being worked out in the state. Many Oregonian counties are looking to opt out of, hoping to ban shops and marijuana supply businesses citing odor, traffic and other nuisances.

For further details, check out, Portland’s NBC affiliate. shared the who, what, when, and where and was kind enough to post the Oregon Health Authority’s Marijuana Informational Bulletin here.

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