5 of the Most Popular Cannabis Edibles

As cannabis has grown in popularity over the years, it has also become more accessible. Today’s consumers have a ton of cannabis options, including a variety of popular cannabis edibles. Almost any food imaginable is now available with THC, CBD or a combination of both.

And for good reason! A recent study shows cannabis edibles in the United States were valued at about $3.6 billion in 2021 and are expected to increase to an estimated $8.24 billion by 2025.

The popularity of edibles means consumers can find options perfectly suited for their tastes. Regardless of people’s preferred potency and whatever their palettes crave, there is an edible option to suit it.

Here are some of the most popular cannabis edibles available today:


Ever notice how many vitamins and supplements are available in gummy form? It’s because adults love gummies! Edible gummies are convenient, tasty and come in almost any flavor imaginable.

Many gummy edibles offer a multi flavor variety pack. For example, Planet Delta has Delta-8 Gummies that come in a pack with assorted fruit flavors. There are also plenty of bold flavor options, like Papa & Barkley’s Watermelon Chili Gummies with 5 mg of THC per gummy.


Not all edibles have to be eaten! Edible beverages are a popular choice because there are so many delicious choices. Sometimes called “drinkables,” these options also make it easy to control the potency of your drink, from microdosing small amounts of liquid to consuming something stronger.

From Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea with a 10 mg dose of THC to HOPE’s Cannabrew Cold Brew Coffee with more than 100 mg of THC, drinkables can provide a little boost during the day or help people unwind in the evening.

Savory Snacks

Munching on savory snacks is not just a popular pastime after indulging in cannabis. It’s also a popular choice for edible consumption. Savory snacks are so popular that you can find everything from classic flavors to gourmet indulgences. Tsumo Salsa Verde Chips have 10 mg of THC per bag and a flavor that’s familiar and delicious. For popcorn fans, Pop-up Potcorn in jalapeno cheddar is a tasty choice.

Baked Goods

There is something so comforting about a baked good, especially when it’s also an edible! Sweet baked treats are made even sweeter with THC. Big Pete’s Insane Churro Mini Cookies have all the beloved buttery, cinnamon churro flavors with 10 mg of THC per cookie. Each bag contains 10 cookies. If Italian desserts are a personal favorite, Mammamia Italian Edibles offers edibles based on classic Italian desserts.


When someone wants a sweet pick-me-up, chocolate is always a good idea. There are so many amazing chocolate edibles available that the hardest part is simply choosing which one to buy.

Love classic chocolates? Then 1906’s Bliss Peanut Butter Cup with dark chocolate is an excellent choice. Want something unexpected? The Everything Bagel Seasoning Munchies Bar from Kiva has a savory bagel topping combined with dark chocolate and 5 mg of THC per serving.

These are some of the popular cannabis edibles you can find in the cannabis edibles marketplace. For cannabis consumers, there’s never been a better time for spectacular variety and high quality.

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