Radical Roots Brings Expertise in Chinese Herbal Medicine to Hemp Products

For some in the cannabis business, it’s a very personal enterprise. That is certainly the case with Radical Roots Herbs, a company founded by a dedicated mom looking for a way to help her epileptic son, who was struggling to regulate his seizures with conventional treatment.

Radical Roots Herbs

Fortunately for him, and for the many customers of Radical Roots Herbs, that mom on a mission is Chloe Weber – who has a master’s degree in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She has taken her in-depth knowledge in these areas to create a lineup of high-quality products that go beyond what most companies do.

Radical Roots is a small, woman owned and operated company, with Carie Martin working as vice president of sales. Martin, who also has a master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine, calls Weber a “super mom” who has created products unlike any other. “This company was created to take the guesswork out of the hemp market and infuse the wisdom of thousands of years of herbal tradition into high quality, cutting edge products. ” she said.

A Foundation In Chinese Herbal Medicine

Radical Roots HerbsRadical Roots Herbs focuses on producing full spectrum hemp products that have been created specifically for different health concerns. The name of the company reflects the values that their products address “not only the symptoms of the ailments, but their very roots.”

Weber graduated from the Masters of Oriental Medicine program at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado. When her son Remy was born with a genetic disorder causing global delays and epileptic seizures, she set out to create the “safest and most effective hemp oil” on the market. Her research led to the creation of Remy’s Revenge – a hemp oil that is formulated with Chinese herbs and designed to address neurological disharmony through daily use.

With the success of Remy’s Revenge, Radical Roots expanded, continuing to create oils, capsules and topicals that unify the herbal traditions of East and West. As a licensed herbalist, and practicing Acupuncturist, Weber’s formulas are clinically informed, and Radical Roots Herbs products aim to ease the problems she’s seen most plaguing society.

This includes hemp extracts that work to ease aches, calm your mind, help you sleep, lessen tension and anxiety, and smooth spasms. Those products include Complete Spectrum Capsules, Revive Capsules, Rest + Relax Capsules, Topical Relief (for aches, pain and inflammation), and Zen Zoo (for pets).

The Radical Roots Product Line

In addition to the expertise in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Radical Roots also stands out from other hemp extract companies in a variety of ways. They include:

The hemp. Radical Roots gets all of its hemp from a farm in Colorado that uses no-till farming techniques that go beyond organic regulations and restore topsoil and mineral and microbial balance.

The herbs. The Chinese herbs used by Radical Roots came from Spring Wind Herbs who are “world renowned for having the strictest testing policies for pesticides and heavy metals and the cleanest herbs available.”

The extraction. Radical Roots uses an ancient alchemical extraction technique known as spagyrics. It involves using organic grape ethanol to extract the essence of the hemp and herbs, creating a tincture that combines the terpenes, cannabinoids phytochemicals. The hemp and herb are then burned, releasing the minerals and salts, and the ashes reconstituted with water and added back to the tincture – producing the purest and most potent products on the market.

Testing. Radical Roots does third-party testing on its products, testing for cannabinoid potency, terpenes, microbiological analysis for salmonella and E.coli, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins and aflatoxins. They also publish the analysis for each of their products online.

True to how the company began, Radical Roots focuses its products on wellbeing. The company provides an example of the high quality and diversity of products available for cannabis consumers. Inspired by the strength and perseverance of a young boy, the company now offers the same benefits to customers across the nation.

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