Packaging Company Provides Experience, Sustainable Approach to Cannabis Industry

As they mature, cannabis companies are searching for ways to find value throughout their production and distribution processes. One area of focus for many is finding a more efficient way to package products while meeting all regulations and keeping their product fresh.

A company has emerged in this area that offers a solution. Delta9Packaging is a trademark of Suedpack, a German-based company that recently expanded in the United States. Suedpack has been a leader in the packaging industry since 1964, and has a strong reputation for sustainability in both their operations and products.

Delta9Packaging is bringing that commitment to the cannabis industry.

A Focus On Sustainability

The company specializes in creating packaging that meets high standards while also providing optimal product preservation. Delta9Packaging focuses exclusively on the cannabis and hemp industries.

Their packaging products include:

  • Business to business packaging that features branded farmer, distributor and manufacturer packaging for retailers and dispensaries
  • High quality bags that are digitally printed with low MOQs.
  • Business to consumer packaging of cannabis products
  • Digitally printed roll stock for larger companies who have their own packaging machines

Suedpack makes sustainability a central part of the company’s overall mission. They focus on the three pillars of sustainability: ecological, economic and social.

A History of Sustainability

Delta9Packaging develops products that are designed for safety and environmental friendliness. In a letter to the California Cannabis Coalition about the company’s approach, they list three aspects that govern their work.

Avoid. The company works to keep use of materials and production-related waste as low as possible. They constantly test new film solutions to find more efficient and sustainable methods for packaging.

Reduce. The company lowers waste in many ways, including the use of renewable raw material and creating lighter plastic (such as flexible packaging) that reduces the use of resources. They work to reduce greenhouse emissions and the company’s future dependence on oil.

Recycle. Delta9Packaging creates products from secondary raw materials that are processed in recycling plants or used for energy recovery. The company uses high-quality recycled plastics whenever possible in production of their film products. Delta9Packaging, in its letter, wrote that “recycling of packaging is a major and important topic. Too much waste is thrown into the ocean and causes serious environmental pollution.”

The company strives to not only use recycled products, but also recycle their own products to create other products. They report that their research and development department “is also actively researching recyclability and biopolymers and how to bring sustainable film to market without sacrificing product quality.”

Educating Clients On Packaging

Delta9Packaging offers clients a lot of detailed information on why they take the approach that they use.

For example, they address the use of plastics in shipping, which are needed to ensure that the shipped products meet high hygienic requirements. Delta9Packaging uses multilayer film that keeps cannabis products fresh and extends the shelf life.

They also help companies deal with the issue of creating space on packaging for compliance text and warning messages, something that leads some businesses to use too much packaging. Delta9Packaging uses digital printing that allows them to print directly on the films. That opens more space for branding and compliance requirements than stickers alone.

The company’s flexible packaging also has Child Resistance solutions that maintain lower material weight and lessen resources and environmental impact.

For cannabis businesses and dispensaries, Delta9Packaging has quickly emerged as an efficient, sustainable choice for packaging products. It’s yet another of businesses in cannabis committing to sustainability and providing solutions that are both economical and Earth friendly.

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