Oprah-Inspired Talk Show to Focus on Weed

Charlo Greene, broadcast journalist, has become a recognized leader in cannabis activism.  She’s a business woman who has taken the cannabis community by storm.

Name still not ringing a bell?  Well, remember when, in September 2014, that reporter came out green on-air?  She interrupted her own on-air report on the Alaska Cannabis Club to announce she was, in fact, it’s founder.  She even signed off for the last time with “F*ck it, I quit…”  That’s Charlo.

And, though she did quit that role, she seems to just be getting warmed up in her role as international cannabis activist.  Greene is currently working to crowdsource what she’s calling an “Oprah-Inspired” talk show about weed, The Charlo Greene Show.

The Charlo Greene Show, according to Greene, “is committed to destigmatizing cannabis and effecting social change by promoting awareness and knowledge of the cannabis community and burgeoning industry through compelling, heart felt and quality video content.”

Viewers can expect to get up close and personal with some of the marijuana industry’s most prominent brands and personalities that are supporting this effort throughout the duration of the campaign, along with daily cannabis updates that Charlo calls, ‘Pot Topics’.


“What’s happening now is the story of our time, our revolution and our legacy,” Charlo said recently. “I’m challenging the international cannabis community, with the rest of the world watching, to fund this project and give our movement the voice it deserves – The Charlo Greene Show.”

She’s got just 26 days to get her show backed.  Will she get off the ground in time to get on air?  Would you get behind a talk show focused on weed?