Marijuana Trends 2021: 8 Trends to Watch For In The New Year

It’s human nature to look ahead and predict what could happen in the coming year. For cannabis consumers and those who work in the cannabis industry, marijuana trends in 2021 look to include great growth and more options for consumers than ever.

There is a sense of unpredictability because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, the cannabis industry remained a bright spot in the U.S. economy in 2020, and it looks to continue in 2021. That means more innovative products and services for cannabis consumers.

Marijuana Trends 2021

After looking through many of the recent trends that have just started to emerge, you can bet that some of the following will become marijuana trends in 2021. Keep in mind that no “crystal ball” is perfect, but these certainly seem likely to continue in the New Year.

Cannabis Delivery

Delivery emerged as a huge benefit to cannabis consumers during the pandemic. While states have run into difficulties setting up delivery systems, expect more to emerge the deeper we get into 2021.

States Legalizing Cannabis

For those living on the East Coast, your time has come. With Massachusetts and New Jersey already legalizing adult-use cannabis, it’s possible that New York, Connecticut and even Virginia may follow in 2021.

Banking for Cannabis Companies

Your local dispensary likely still operates largely on a cash-only basis because banks won’t extend them financial services. Banks take that position because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. Look for some type of protection for banks that work with cannabis businesses in 2021, especially if Democrats gain control of the U.S. Senate.

Federal Decriminalization

This is another thing virtually assured of happening if Democrats win back control of the Senate. President-Elect Joe Biden also has said he favors decriminalization, although he has stopped short of saying he backs legalization.

Legal Marijuana in Mexico

Mexico looks ready to follow Canada in making marijuana legal at the federal level, leaving the United States as the odd one out in North America – for now. Mexico would become by far the largest country to make cannabis legal.

Increased Science on Cannabinoids

Most research in the past focused on THC and CBD. However, scientists already know there are more than 120 cannabinoids and 150 terpenes in cannabis. Expect more research into the potential benefits of these relatively unknown cannabinoids.

More Investment Into Cannabis

The pandemic has put the brakes on some of the investment into the cannabis industry. But with the vaccine getting rolled out in the first half of 2021, expect more investment and innovation in the industry in the second half of the year.

More Cannabis Jobs

This is another area where cannabis can benefit the country. The cannabis industry already supports 243,700 full-time American jobs. That number is expected to increase 250% by 2028. “That makes the cannabis industry America’s largest source for new jobs,” according to TechCrunch.

These are some of the marijuana trends in 2021 that we can expect to see. As wild as 2020 has been, let’s hope 2021 is just as exciting – but in a positive way!

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