Wana Brands Takes Terpene Innovation to a New Level

Since the early days of statewide legalization, the Colorado-based company Wana Brands has emerged as one the country’s top cannabis-infused gummie manufacturers, thanks to an unwavering focus on consistency, potency, and premium quality.

But the real key to Wana’s ongoing success has been an uncanny ability to stay a few steps ahead of “the Next Big Thing” in cannabis. After more than a decade of explosive growth, Wana remains an industry trailblazer, making exciting inroads in fast-onset technology, increased bioavailability, and – most far-reaching of all – the creation of proprietary terpene-enhanced indica, sativa, and hybrid blends.

How Terpenes Impact Infused Products

Terpenes are the chemical compounds that give all plants (including cannabis) their unique taste, smell, and biological effects. Any time you’ve stopped to take a whiff of your neighbor’s rose garden, or sipped an especially hoppy IPA, or filled your diffuser with lavender essential oil, you’ve got terpenes to thank for it.

The cannabis plant is known to produce upwards of 150 unique terpenes, each strain with its own specific combination. These compounds interact with other flavonoids and cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) to stimulate various receptor groups in your body in a phenomenon known as “the entourage effect.”

In other words, terpenes are crucial to unlocking the maximum recreational and wellness benefits cannabis has to offer.

How Terpenes Enhance Wana Products

Terpenes occur naturally in all strains of cannabis. For an edibles company like Wana, the trick is to preserve their effects when converting cannabis from inhalable to ingestible form.

Wana has cracked that nut by partnering with a leading research company in the field of terpene analysis and extraction. They begin by working with budtenders to curate a selection of leading indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains. Next, they analyze which terpenes most commonly occur within these strains, and in what combinations. Finally, Wana recreates these leading terpene profiles within their own gummies.

At the end of the day, Wana enhances their products with more than 30 major, minor, and trace terpenes – for context, most competitors use no more than five or six of the most commonly occurring ones. It’s this process that allows Wana to offer their edibles in three proprietary blends, each with its own class-specific effects: energizing sativa, relaxing indica, and balanced hybrid.

Thinking Outside the Flower

There’s a prevailing myth in the industry that only terpenes derived from actual cannabis flower are effective in edibles. But in fact, on a molecular level, terpenes have the same effects no matter where they come from. The terpene alpha-pinene is always alpha-pinene, whether you take it from a pine tree or a strain of Bubba Kush.

Wana derives their terpenes not from cannabis, but from other botanical sources like fruit. In order to produce the effects of leading cannabis strains, they simply recreate the same terpene combinations found in those strains.

The advantages here are two-fold. For one thing, it eliminates supply issues. It can be challenging to find enough of the same strain of cannabis to meet the demand for terpene-enhanced gummies. Botanical extraction provides an endless source of terpenes.

For another, the terpene profiles of even a single cannabis strain can evolve and change from harvest to harvest. By using botanical extraction to recreate the same precise terpene combinations in each batch, Wana can deliver the same experience every time you go for your gummie.

Terpenes and the Power of Choice

Wana’s terpene-enhanced products allow consumers to choose exactly the kind of experience they want. Customers start by selecting a class-specific blend: indica for mellow relaxation, sativa for inspiration and energy, or hybrid for a balance of the two. Add to these options a wide range of onset times, durations, and CBD/THC ratios, and Wana comes as close to offering a customized cannabis experience as any product currently on the market.

The bottom line: for consumers looking to enhance their lives with innovative, specialized, premium THC products, Wana Brands provides a shining example of how we are living in a golden age of cannabis.

This content was sponsored by Wana Brands, the #1 Infused Products company with operations across the United States.

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