Cannabis-Infused Beverages Offer a Healthy, Social Alternative for Cannabis Users

Much has been made about the big beverage companies starting to move into the cannabis-infused beverage business. In the past year, major brands such as Constellation, AB InBev subsidiary Labatt and Molson Coors Brewing have partnered with marijuana companies to explore new cannabis beverages.

What’s perhaps less known is that high-quality cannabis-infused beverages are already here.

Cannabis consumers continue to reap the benefits of a rapidly growing marketplace that offers more choice and better quality with each passing month. One of the leaders in the area of beverages is Mood33, an award-winning Santa-Monica based company that specializes in creating sparkling tonics in small batches that combine with THC. CBD, natural terpenes, fruits, and botanicals.

The Mood33 Approach

Every company involved with cannabis beverages has taken a different approach. But Mood33 stands out by offering sparkling tonic that is designed to “elevate your state” in a variety of ways.

The tonics are sold under four effects. Each is designed with a unique blend of functional herbs and synergistic terpenes that mimic the whole-plant benefits of cannabis.

mood33 Joy Passion CalmJoy. This tonic incorporates 10 mg of THC with freshly picked peppermint, dried lemon peel, and yerba mate leaves.

Passion. Also with 10 mg of THC, but with 2.5 mg of CBD added to a blend that also includes sparkling green tea, passionfruit, and lime.

Calm. This also comes with a combination of 10 mg THC with 2.5 mg of CBD but is mixed with dried chamomile buds, rose hibiscus flowers and ripe raspberries

Peace. Aimed at offering a state of relaxation, this tonic blends 20 mg of CBD (which is non-psychoactive) with 2 mg of THC and flavors of watermelon, mint, and basil.

How good are they? Mood33 won the Beverage Digest Awards 2018 Best Premium Drink and Best New Drink Concept, edging out established beverage brands and fast-growing startups alike, including BodyArmor, Core, Dirty Lemon, and Soylent.

A Commitment to the Environment

Mood33 environmentally sustainable practicesMore than any other industry, the cannabis industry is one where it is easy to find companies that are committed to diversity, environmentally sustainable practices, and fair-trade sourcing practices.

Mood33 excels in this area. The company sources all the cannabis used in its products from California farms. They look for the right farms in the regions that produce the cannabis they want in their products, ensuring a “clean farm to bottle” chain for consumers.

Mood33 bases its cannabis-infused tonic water on “ancient herbal remedy, Ayurveda principles, and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.” The Mood33 infusions were created for “mood-based benefits.”

The company was created by people who wanted a smoke-free cannabis option that still offered them the same experience as smoking or vaping.

Advantages of Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Advantages of Cannabis-Infused BeveragesSo why use beverages for cannabis rather than smoking or vaping? There are some of the key differences in the two experiences, beyond the obvious fact that smoking marijuana leads to dealing with smoke, which many find irritating.

There’s a reason why the cannabis beverage market is expected to be worth more than $1 billion worldwide by 2023. These are some of the reasons why.

  • Beverages typically feature a quicker onset and work more efficiently than edibles – a faster onset means less cannabinoids required to feel satisfied
  • Beverages are perfect for social occasions because they are a shareable experience – not everyone wants to share their vape pen, bong or glass pipe. Splitting beverages makes sharing cleaner, easier and more social for many
  • Beverages maximize the health benefits of cannabis and CBD while also offering few calories

In the case of the Mood33 beverages, they are formulated with different cannabinoid ratios but also infused with synergistic terpenes. That’s a different approach than most brands. Also, with Mood33 brands, there are no “filler” or synthetic ingredients. They are also vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free.

beverages for your cannabis experienceThere are clear advantages to choosing beverages for your cannabis experience. Mood33 is one of the brands that has taken the idea to a higher level of sophistication and quality. As consumers learn more about the variety that awaits them at their local dispensary, expect more of them to search for beverages like Mood33.

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