California Company Leading the Way in Cannabis Topicals

At this point, most of America has moved past the notion that marijuana is something you smoke. They now understand there are other ways of using cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes.

What they may not know is the sheer number of options they now enjoy.

One California company drives the point home. Gemstonz, headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, has distinguished itself from the competition by offering a wide variety of hemp-derived topicals for just about every need.

Winning multiple awards – including two Cannabis Cups from High Times in 2016 and 2018  – also helps to set Gemstonz apart.

Topicals have become increasingly popular for those who use CBD for health and wellness. And with hemp now legal in all 50 states, that popularity will only increase. But what, exactly, are topicals?

Gemstonz Hemp Pain BalmWhat Are Topicals?

Topicals are balms, lotions, and oils that are cannabis infused. Once applied, the skin absorbs the cannabidiols (CBD) in the product and users get the benefits of CBD without having to smoke cannabis or consume an edible.

Some of those benefits include relief from muscle pain and soreness as well as reducing inflammation. Topicals such as those offered by Gemstonz contain zero THC, meaning they do not have the chemical ingredients that cause the high feeling. Instead, they give consumers the health and wellness benefits of CBD.

Nature Knows BetterGemstonz Hemp Healing Salve

Gemstonz has taken an approach in which they seek to provide topicals for many different issues. That separates them from many companies that focus on just one area.

Company founder Marcy Colley has used cannabis herself to help with the pain associated with a foot injury caused by playing sports. She found it provided more relief than other medicine.

Years later, she used her own homemade CBD-infused topicals to treat her daughter’s eczema and dry skin. She writes that other family members and friends have experienced relief from other cannabis topicals, tinctures and balms. She said the company’s Heal It Healing Salve “helped heal an industry colleague’s second degree burns with his doctors blessing.”

As for herself, Colley wrote that “My foot will always be messed up, but I no longer take any pharmaceuticals to manage arthritis, fused joints, spasms, neuropathy and never-ending pain. I said NO to pills and poison.  I control all of my symptoms with cannabis and my products. Nature, it seems, knows better.”

A Variety of Products

Given the background of the company, it’s no surprise Gemstonz makes a wide variety of products to address many different ailments. And given its origins in Colley’s kitchen, it’s also no surprise that the company uses all-natural sources to develop its products with no chemicals added.

The lineup of products falls primarily into the categories of topicals, tinctures, edibles and pet products. Some of the specific topicals include the following. The titles alone provide a quick idea of the wide variety of products Gemstonz has created for specific issues.

  • Relief Hemp Pain Cream
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Lip Balm
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Wound Salve
  • Full On Broad Spectrum Pain Stick (designed to bring rapid pain relief)
  • Lube It Intimate Lubrication
  • Ink It Broad Spectrum Tattoo Healer (designed to help quickly heal fresh tattoos)
  • Decadent Bath Truffle Mint and Truffle Lavender
  • Internal relief suppository

All Natural Grain Free Hemp Infused Dog TreatsGemstonz also offers pet products. They include Squirt It Broad Spectrum Pet Tincture and Woof It Broad Spectrum Grain-Free Dog Treat.

Keep in mind that these products, and all the topicals listed above, do not contain THC. They are hemp-derived CBD products that promote health and wellness, not get you (or your pet!) high.

Gemstonz also offers unique products such as hemp honey, chamomile tea, green tea, black tea and broad spectrum hemp capsules.

As the cannabis industry matures across the country, companies such as Gemstonz – which can ship anywhere in the United States – have emerged to make shopping for topicals and tinctures more convenient.

The California company has wisely positioned itself in front of this trend. With award-winning products, Gemstonz has helped made topical and tinctures a popular choice for cannabis consumers.

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