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Gemstonz is an award winning all natural craft botanical specializing in legal Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD infused pain relieving balms, skin care, tinctures, edibles and pet products. I got started kind of by purposeful accident. I have been a cannabis user since the 1970's, when I was a teenager. I had some pretty bad injuries to my left foot from sports in my youth and smoked cannabis instead of taking pain pills after injuries and surgeries. Fast forward to about 10 years ago when my foot failed on me again. I had a tumor growing in my tibia that had eroded the bone and joint. Fortunately, it was not cancerous (I credit cannabis for that) but the bone damage was done. My next few years of multiple surgeries left me with a pretty messed up foot. The neuropathy that is now part of the daily problem, triggered a new class of prescriptions being thrown at me. As a result, the prescriptions that followed for either pain, neuropathy or muscle spasms either made me sick, fat or crazy, all of which I would have tolerated, had they worked. But pills just didn’t work. I gained the most relief from cannabis. 'm also a mom, and my beautiful daughter suffers from eczema and dry skin that she inherited from me. After trying all of the over the counter steroid creams, and then the prescription strength steroid creams, without results, I had to find something that would help. Something that is not dangerous, like steroids, for my child. So that had become my purpose; to bring relief to myself and loved ones. The accident came when I was in a dispensary some years ago with someone I knew. She liked medicated hard candies but the ones that she found were just not that good. She said she thought I could make them better since I knew my way around the kitchen. That lead me to start really researching cannabis and what it can do for your body and how many different ways it can be used. So, I made some candy. They were a hit. I made some tincture, another hit. I started testing the topicals. I made some balms with cannabis and all natural oils and butters, plus some essential oils and they worked. My daughter's skin cleared up and she manages flare-ups with my products. Friends and family all gained relief in some form. My foot will always be messed up, but I no longer take any pharmaceuticals to manage arthritis, fused joints, spasms, neuropathy and never-ending pain. I said NO to pills and poison. I control all of my symptoms with cannabis and my products. Nature, it seems, knows better.

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