Founded By A Cancer Survivor, Company Offers Healthy CBD Products That Promote Wellness

As cannabis consumer tastes become more sophisticated, cannabis companies are evolving to meet the demand. One of the areas of growth are edibles that promote wellness and contain healthy ingredients.

Much of this is happening because of cannabidiols (CBD). CBD is known for its excellent health benefits. It’s used for reducing inflammation and managing pain. It contains no THC, which is the chemical ingredient that gets you high.

CBD-infused edibles have swamped the market. However, some companies are standing out because they offer edibles that are healthier than their competitors. One to emerge in recent years is Sugar & Kush.

Sugar and Kush

The New Jersey-based company only offers CBD products that are sugar-free and keto-friendly. Every edible from Sugar & Kush also is non-GMO, pesticide-free and 100% THC free.

Founder Inspired by Experience

Laura Brenner is a co-founder of Sugar & Kush. In 2013, at the age of 31, she found out that she had stage 3 ovarian cancer.

Laura Brenner refused to let the diagnosis get her down. Instead, she became a vegan and adopted “an entirely holistic and natural lifestyle,” according to her biography. She also decided to use CBD derived from hemp.

Only three months after her diagnosis, Brenner’s doctors told her the cancer had entered remission.

Brenner later created Sugar & Kush with Danielle Papajan. Brenner wanted the Sugar & Kush brand to “look fun and for the products to taste great while also being very healthy, so that other people struggling with medical conditions following a strict dieting regimen could enjoy them as well.”

Sugar & Kush Products

Sugar & Kush offers a wide variety of products. Each is created from naturally sourced hemp that’s been lab-tested by a third party. As the company says on its site, “We want to help give a good name to the hemp industry and so we never compromise on quality of product or production standards.”

So, what can consumers who want a higher level of quality get from a company such as Sugar & Kush? The company specializes in gummies, cookies, brownies and CBD oil. Some of the highlights include:

CBD cookies. These cookies contain the healing properties of CBD along with great taste and fewer calories. Brenner explains how she introduced CBD cookies to her grandmother.

Sugar and Kush

CBD gummies. These are for everyday use and can help with pain, aches and even elevate your mood. People use CBD for stress and to help stay focused and relaxed, which also can lead to better sleep.

CBD brownies. The Sugar & Kush website also features recipes for how to use the company’s CBD oil drops when making CBD-infused Ultimate Brownies and Marbled Cheesecake Brownies

That recipe section of the site is another area where Sugar & Kush has distinguished itself. Not many CBD companies offer ways to use their products when making food, but Brenner and Papajan both wanted consumers to have a chance to use their products to make the kind of food they like.

Sugar & Kush offers an excellent example of a company using its own experience to create products that go beyond what is offered by many CBD companies. It’s another option of the cannabis curious who want to know what hemp and CBD can do for them.

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