Canadian Company Emerges As Leader in Vaporizer Market

Vaporizer sales continue to grow among discerning consumers who want a clean, effective way to enjoy marijuana and don’t want the hassle of dealing with smoke.

Consumers have turned to vaporizers as the legal marijuana movement has swept the country and the old “stoner” image of cannabis has diminished. Those who buy marijuana now are more likely to be professionals than resemble the cliched stoner character from too many Hollywood movies.

Sales of vaporizers soared 400% in 2016 alone. Money spent on vaping-related products reached $476 million in the first half of 2018.

Many companies have entered the competition in the vape market. One pioneer to emerge in the industry is Arizer, a Canadian-based leader in creating high-quality vaporizers that have been favorably reviewed by customers from around the world.

Arizer Design Sets High Standard

Arizer has risen above the crowd in the vape market for a variety of reasons.

Much of it has to do with the company’s approach to creating vaporizers, defined by the slogan, “Better by design.” Design plans always start by determining customer needs first and then finding ways to meet them.

Some of the features of Arizer products include:

  • Durable construction
  • Portable vaporizers that fit in the palm of your hand
  • Custom setting that allows users to control how long they want the vaporizer to heat (between 5 and 15 minutes)
  • Audio beep settings
  • Highly accurate temperature selections that allow for the exact experience a user wants (lower temperatures typically bring out more flavor, while higher temperatures allow for “quick sessions”)
  • Some models have rechargeable and interchangeable batteries

Arizer also offers a wide range of accessories for each model. They include a belt clip carry case, a frosted glass accessory to attach water bubblers or bongs, and a small carry case.

Arizer Products

The product lineup is what you would expect from a leading brand. They include the following, which range from portables to at-home vaporizers.

ArGo. This one is an example of Arizer’s leadership in portables. Features include an all-glass vapor path, hybrid heating (using patented technology), a use-while-charging feature, and precise digital temperature control.

Air. The Air sets the standard for portability. The small, cigar-sized vaporizer is both lightweight and durable and fits the needs of those on the move with 50% more battery power.

Air II. The Air II has the same small size but comes with more features than the first version. They include custom session settings, micro-USB charging, and an isolated airpath.

Solo. There are three versions of the Solo, each with its own unique features. Those include precision temperature control and custom setting sessions, all within a small vaporizer that is easy to carry.

Solo  II. Expands on the first version with faster heat-up times and custom session settings.

Extreme Q. How about a remote-controlled vaporizer? The Extreme Q, a larger vaporizer that uses convection heating, offers that feature among many others. Buyers can also add accessories such as the balloon system, whip system, and a glass aromatherapy dish.

V-Tower. The V-Tower is just that – a small tower that serves as a home vaporizer. It has all the top features – convection heating, precision digital temperature control, and adjustable auto shutoff timer – as well as cool accessories like the whip with glass mouthpiece and aromatherapy dish.

Arizer has earned its reputation by providing vaporizers for both home and portable use, all made with top-notch materials and designed to look as good as they operate. And with the Air and ArGo, the company now has moved into the portable market with two well-received products.

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