Vaporizers, the Popular High-Tech Cannabis Consumption Method

Acceptance of legalized marijuana grows across the United States. People have started to investigate ways of using cannabis products. The long-held idea of having to roll marijuana in paper and smoke it has become outdated.

An avalanche of new products allow people to enjoy marijuana without the smoke. Vaporizers rank among the most popular choices in this area.

This modern way of using cannabis has grown in popularity as more people learn about the advantages of vaporizers. Studies have shown that using a vaporizer provides more of the active ingredients in marijuana while filtering out those which may be harmful.

Vaporizers work by heating marijuana to a point just below combustion. As the cannabis evaporates, users inhale a mist rather than smoke. It tends to offer a smoother experience than inhaling smoke. This proves especially important for those with respiratory issues or an allergic reaction to smoke.

Vaporizers come in three main forms: pens, portables and desktops.

Many associate “vaping” with pens. These small vaporizers offer a discrete way to partake of marijuana and hold just a small amount of cannabis.

Portable vaporizers are larger than pens and have more capacity for using larger amounts of cannabis. They remain small enough, however, to fit into a pocket or a purse.

Desktop vaporizers offer the best capacity and build of the various vaporizers. They often prove a good choice for medical marijuana users who want the best quality of vaporizer.

As a premiere location for marijuana products and information, offers a wide range of vaporizer products for consumers to consider. They include more than three dozen of the new, top brands from across the country.

Marijuana legalization continues to pick up momentum around the country. As the last election proved, people across the country are willing to vote for legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis use. For those looking for marijuana products, there has never been a better time.

Our experts here at have put together the following list of some of the best vaporizer products currently available on the market.


PAX Labs, Inc., aims to deliver the ultimate vaporization experience.

At PAX Labs, Inc., we are leading the vaporization movement with our innovative, premium vaporizers, PAX and JUUL.

Founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates, San Francisco-based PAX Labs, Inc. was developed with the mission of making smoking obsolete.

We create superior, beautiful and technologically advanced products that push the boundaries of vaporization.

We build products that are not only more effective but also those that consumers can relate to: simple, pleasurable experiences.


Firefly2, world’s fastest and most efficient vaporizer, perfect for herbs & concentrates, is recently declared as the “best overall vaporizer” by Gizmodo.

Created by an award winning former Apple design manager, Firefly2 heats up in less than three seconds allowing you to enjoy the delicious flavors and experience all the active ingredients the very moment they are released. Firefly’s advanced technology is so user friendly and intuitive that Newsweek called it the “iPhone of Vaporizers” and Business Insider emphasized that "anyone could pick it up and know how to use it.” Firefly comes with a companion iOS and Android app, two batteries for utmost portability, and features a glass chamber and glass vapor path which makes cleaning a breeze.


“Founded in 2011, we are a team of innovators, designers, manufacturers and educators based out of Las Vegas. DaVinci Vaporizer is the most trusted brand for healthful and discreet aromatherapy and cannabis consumption.

We’re here to rethink vapor: to develop a vaporization experience that delivers unprecedented levels of purity and precision.

This means more than superior craftsmanship, using the finest components, or developing unique software - it means putting you in control of an experience that’s meaningful to you.”


AirVape Xs is the most discrete vaporizer, because it is designed to fit comfortably in your pocket.

The .4 inch thinness and 3.2 oz weight makes it the most portable herbal vaporizer!

AirVape Xs is about the size of a credit card and it is not much thicker either.

From the sustainable body to the elegant technological core, every detail in AirVape combines beautiful engineering and meticulous craft.

We are dedicated to bring the best customer service ever made in the history of vaporizers.

We are a team of experienced vaporizer developers.

Chad Lovato and Roland Szegi are branding experts.

Roland is experienced product developer and former owner of Vaporize101, a company that merged with another herbal vaporizer brand.

Roland and Chad work closely with engineers and designers to get the best product possible.


In 2012, six dispensary owners and growers combined forces to create a product that could meet the growing demand for higher-quality cannabis oils and improved vaporizers in the medical marijuana industry.

This effort produced O.penVAPE, manufacturer of premium CO2 cannabis oils and vaporizer devices.

O.penVAPE has become one of the largest brands in the cannabis industry by providing a superior vaporizing pen with a lifetime warranty and by partnering with Organa Labs to offer medical marijuana patients and recreational users healthier alternatives to smoking and edibles that are consistent and safe.

At O.penVAPE, we firmly believe that our products promote wellness and can be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

We eagerly anticipate the realization of the medical and recreational potential of the cannabis industry as it becomes more widely accepted and are excited to help promote this effort by providing a high-quality product that is safe, simple and subtle.

O.penVAPE started as a collaborative effort, and we continue to strive to maintain that initiative.

We personally invest in each of our distributors by training them on O.penVAPE products and providing them with the collateral they need to achieve success with the O.penVAPE brand.

The cannabis culture has always been one of community and cooperation, and we strive to embrace that in our business model.

Above all, we would like to remind you to take the high road and consume responsibly.

Evoxe Laboratories

Evoxe Laboratories develops finely crafted cannabis vaporizer pens that are designed to enhance the natural properties of cannabinoids.

Evoxe Laboratories was born from the idea that patients should be able to experience their cannabis in the most holistic, clean and effective way possible.

Our cannabis plus essential oil vaporizers are currently available to registered medical marijuana patients in California, and our CBD plus essential oil vaporizers are available nationwide.

Our unique and therapeutic blends have been specifically formulated to enhance the innate properties of each ingredient, and are delivered in the most advanced self contained cannabis vaporizers available.

The result is a completely different and dynamic experience with every product.

We include only the highest quality lab-tested cannabis oil and organically grown essential oils in every cannabis vaporizer we produce.

Vaporization is a smokeless method of cannabis consumption. While burning cannabis releases toxic by-products, such as tar, vaporizing lets your body benefit from the cannabinoids with fewer harmful and uncomfortable side effects. Our self-contained cannabis vaporizers employ cutting edge convection technology to keep temperatures safely within the threshold of vaporization, ensuring a cleaner cannabis experience.

The effect of vaporizing on the lungs is perhaps the strongest argument for using a vaporizer. Doctors have long been wary about the use of cannabis as a medicine because of the potential risks of smoking anything. Vaporizing cannabis is said to remove approximately 95% of the smoke that is inhaled. By heating marijuana at a lower temperature than combustion, the devices produce an inhalable vapor that still contains the active cannabinoids, but without the harmful by-products.

Another advantage of vaporizers is the efficiency of converting plant matter into active cannabinoids. A collaborative study conducted by California NORML and MAPS found that vaporizers could convert 46% of available THC into vapor, whereas the average marijuana joint converted less than 25% of THC. Likewise, patients ranked vaporizers as the most efficient method of marijuana intake – requiring a lower dose than smoking, edibles and tea – in a recent study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.

In the same patient study, vaporizers ranked highest in side effect satisfaction, meaning that patients felt most functional after vaporizing cannabis.


Four aromatic cannabis oil & botanical blends to inspire, relax, explore & awaken your senses.

Alchemy draws inspiration from aromatherapy, herbalism and the culinary arts.

Each of our four experiences–Awaken, Relax, Inspire, and Explore– have been carefully crafted to provide you with four unique aromatic blends for overall wellness.

Whether you’re looking to invigorate the senses or take a deep inhale for relaxation, we use only the finest botanical blends with tested and cleanly extracted cannabis oil, for a consistent experience every time.

Magic Flight

The Magic-Flight Launch Box® is a small, fast, portable vaporizer usable by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

It provides a convenient, reliable and efficient alternative to smoking.

The Launch Box® vaporizer is easy to use: simply load with finely ground materials and insert a charged battery; the nearly instant heat-up provides immediate vapor.

You can load, use, and reload without having to wait. It can even be used in windy conditions!


Our goal was for the Herbalizer to be unlike anything else on the market.

After modeling, engineering, prototyping, refining and testing we feel we've created something pretty special.

The Herbalizer was engineered to simplify, and dramatically improve the perception and process of vaporization.

We know it really works.

We're highly motivated to raise awareness of vaporization's benefits through precise, controlled herbal extraction.

We call it Relief by Design.

Introduced in late 2013, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

You can imagine how thrilled we are to have such deep acceptance and encouragement from such a great community and so many trusting customers.

And we’re going to continue working to maintain and grow your trust. We want you to be our customer for life.

We're in this together.

Proudly made in the USA.


Strainz is a leading national cannabis brand management and products company headquartered in Las Vegas and operating in multiple legal markets including Colorado, Nevada and Washington.

G Pen

Grenco Science® leads at the forefront of ingenuity and aptitude, consistently engineering the most advanced, user-friendly portable vaporizers in the world.

The first to market a tank system specifically designed for essential fluids and personal aromatherapy regimens, Grenco Science integrates superior functionality with the convenience of transportability.

To continually give back to the community, Grenco Science established the Charity Series, a collection of products tied to nonprofit organizations wherein a portion of net proceeds are donated with each purchase; and the Artist Series, an installment of collaborations with industry leading artists and brand ambassadors.


Vaporous means performance. This dream of crafting the perfect device precisely tuned to the product drives us and we get closer to achieving it every day.

It is our guiding principle and at the heart of every device and accessory we create from scratch.

We strive to provide the enthusiast the optimum experience every time.

We are proud to say that our vaporizers are uniquely and originally designed and developed here in the United States by our own in house team of engineers.

Based in Southern California, Vaporous Technologies, LLC. Continuously evolving and revolutionizing the performance of portable vaporizers through original engineering, and hands-on research and development.

Vaporous Technologies, known for our signature Anti-Leak check valve, proudly presents J-Pen, the flagship in a full line of personal vaporizers and high flow atomizers designed specifically for vaporizing oils and concentrates.


The wait is over.

The new standard for vaporizing essential oils has arrived.

The Puffco Plus delivers the perfect combination of flavor and discrete vapor for the dedicated connoisseur on the go.

No coils.

No glues.

No compromises.

Dr. Dabber

For years the team behind Dr Dabber Vaporizer Pens & Vape Accessories had searched high and low for the ultimate vaporizing experience. An experience that minimizes health risks without sacrificing enjoyment or flavor. Although many novel concepts were available, none were able to achieve the perfect balance we were looking for. So, we set out on a mission to create the ideal Vaporizer Pen.

We wanted to create portable vaporizers that are convenient and reliable, yet potent and effective. Vaporizer pens that were stylish enough to use anywhere but stealthy enough to keep a low profile.

Something that isn't just a novelty, but a justifiable replacement for all other vaporizing methods. We wanted to change the way people enjoy their essential oils.

Our portable vapor pen is one of the best vaporizers on the market.


Varavo was founded by a group of patients frustrated with the lack of consistency, quality, safety and poor packaging of products available to medical cannabis patients. We strive to be a socially responsible brand focused on producing cannabis-infused edibles and products with a higher standard. Fixated on every detail from production to packaging, everything we do at Varavo is done with the patient in mind.

We process a proprietary blend of cannabis flowers in-house sourced from cultivators we know and trust. We then produce cannabis oil using the latest CO2 extraction technology to guarantee an end-product that meets our higher standards.

Products made by Varavo - from cannabis oil to edibles - are tested by a certified independent 3rd party lab. We go a step further by pulling random products during production to test in-house to ensure safety and consistency.


Rove was born at the intersection of art and science. Our team of longtime industry enthusiasts, boasting a combined wealth of experience in cultivation, extraction, and laboratory science, joined together with the mission to produce a better, tastier, more honest cannabis vape oil. We proudly stand against the trends of misrepresenting processes or exaggerating quality of ingredients. We want our customers to know where their cannabis comes from and how it is made so as to always provide a safe and efficacious path to good tastes and good times.

At Rove, we believe in honesty, simplicity, and transparency. Our goal is to provide customers with a vape pen that tastes great and is created with them in mind. Welcome to our brand - where the best is always getting better.

Our products are made using 100% California grown cannabis, sourced directly from trusted farms in our collective network. From this raw material, we extract a fine quality oil using liquid carbon dioxide and then refine it utilizing only heat and pressure. The golden finished product, enriched with natural terpenes and flavorings, provides a truly special vaping experience.


Atmos Nation, LLC (“Atmos”) is a global leader and innovator in the design, manufacturing and sale of portable electronic vaporizers. Atmos uses proprietary in-house engineering with exceptional attention to detail to design top-of-the-line products subject to the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control. Atmos also works with national and international distributors and manufacturers to procure the best quality components for its outstanding product designs.

The vaporizer industry has quickly grown and is constantly changing. Originally only bulky desktop devices were available, but with improved technology, Atmos seized the market for portable vaporizers and emerged as an industry pioneer and innovator, securing the first patent for a portable pen vaporizer. Atmos is at the cutting edge of vaporization technology, maintaining quality product designs years ahead of the competition through the guidance of its in-house research and development team. Atmos protects the quality and innovative nature of its products through over thirty-five patents and fourteen trademarks. Successful prosecution against competitors violating its intellectual property is demonstrative proof that Atmos is an industry pioneer and leader.

As the industry standard, Atmos is regularly approached by other businesses and manufacturers interested in the latest technology our company has to offer. Atmos has strong relationships and vast experience with global manufacturing facilities. Atmos prides itself on honest and genuine business practices to build lasting relationships with partners by helping each one succeed and grow through cooperative efforts.

Atmos’ professional, highly trained, customer support team is knowledgeable in every aspect of the Atmos product line, as well as related and competing industry products. The Atmos staff is regularly given lessons on new products and new trends in the industry to ensure that all representatives are equipped with the knowledge necessary to properly answer customers’ questions and concerns. No question is too big or too small for the Atmos staff to handle. All Atmos products and services come backed by our five year limited warranty. Customers can rest assured knowing that every purchase made with Atmos is a smart choice.

At AtmosRx, we are constantly working to improve upon our products and to meet the demands of our clients and the marketplace. We listen to each review and testimonial that is sent our way, and we work hard to make the necessary improvements. It’s all about knowing your business, customers, and the market’s needs. After years of experience, and with a vast amount of knowledge and talent in our arsenal we have launched ourselves ahead of the competition to a place of understanding the growth and change of the vaporizer industry.

Keep watching our company as we are regularly introducing new devices that help shape and push the vaporizer industry further than ever before.


The Atmos Family


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