Edibles a Hot Product in the Budding Marijuana Market

The cannabis industry continues to rank among the hottest areas of the U.S. economy, with projected sales reaching as high as $40 billion over the next decade. That’s a huge jump from the $6 billion projected for 2016.

The wide range of edible marijuana products hitting the market has helped fuel the rapid growth.

For those interested in cannabis edibles, there has never been a better time to look at the choices. As experts in the field, dispensaries.com has put together the following list of fifteen of the best edible products now available in the West.

The Goodship

“From the owner of Seattle’s most celebrated collection of cupcake bakeries and cafés, Cupcake Royale, comes some of the most delicious baked goods, chocolates, and confections on the cannabis market.”

Goodship products are made with all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients for not only a great taste, but with a great high. Their treats are available throughout recreational stores across Washington and have plans to enter other markets in the coming year.


“Wyld celebrates what the Pacific Northwest provides by creating treats that coincide with their adventurous lifestyle”. With a punch of THC packed into their variety of candies and chocolates, Wyld has created the perfect picnic appetizer or nightcap.

Highly recommended as an addition to your trail mix recipe for added nature immersion while exploring the great outdoors.

Défoncé Chocolatier

“Défoncé brings together the world’s finest chocolate with choice California cannabis to create a unique, exceptional experience.” Sustainably sourced ingredients combined with a double lab-tested, clean CO2 extraction method combine to create one of the purest canna-chocolates on the market.

With a creative, fresh look, Défoncé indisputably offers some of the best cannabis-infused chocolate available.

To Whom It May Chocolates

“Stunning, precisely hand-crafted cannabis chocolates, brought to life as smooth, nutty truffles & bold, boozy bonbons.” Known for their commitment to product quality assurance, each batch from To Whom It May Chocolates is carefully measured before and after infusion to ensure an equal dosage for each chocolate.

Opposed to the traditional distribution method, you may get their product delivered directly to your door-step by signing up with their collective.

Kushy Punch

“The Kushy Punch mission is to make every person that encounters our products better, healthier, and happier.” Using locally sourced, organic ingredients and a solvent-free extraction method they have a created a product beneficial to the mind, body, & soul- not to mention, for the tastebuds.

Commitment to providing a product helpful to individuals while positively impacting society during the process has yielded great success and resulted in a wide variety of cannabis-infused scrumptious gummies as well as a new line of vaporizers, or even pure THC oil available across California.


“At Korova Edibles™ we are dedicated to offering a superior tasting product with truly unrivaled potency, at a fair price”

Creators to infamous Black Bar, the strongest edible available at most California locations, Korova has a variety of delicious products including White Cheddar Popcorn absolutely ideal for movie night.

Mirth Provisions

“We the People of Mirth Provisions in order to form a more perfect Washington, establish unprecedented chillness, promote widespread joy and secure the blessings of euphoria for ourselves and our buds hereby declare that the time has come to belly laugh more to worry less, to listen to dark side of the moon again, or for the first time to enjoy our new freedom to the fullest with the finest cannabis infused into the tastiest edibles & drinkables to simply pursue happiness because that was always our favorite part of the Declaration of Independence, anyway.”


“Inspired by cannabis, committed to excellence.”

Viewing cannabis not as a business opportunity but as a humanitarian opportunity, Fairwinds is dedicated to the healthy use of cannabis to empower and heal.

This commitment combined with state-of-the-art technology has driven Fairwinds to provide a variety of capsules, infused coffee, tinctures, topicals, vaporizer cartridges to Washington.

Craft Elixirs

“Craft Elixirs use the best quality, locally sourced ingredients and the utmost care to create products as body-friendly as possible.” Knowing THC affects people differently and people have different needs for THC, Craft Elixirs provides the purest goods by ensure they are all vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

Aiming to solely provide cannabis, they are the ultimate choice for anyone treating their body as a temple in the Washington area.


“Zoots focuses on the little things. Like handcrafted small batch treats made with premium infused cannabis paired with unique blends tailored to your interest, desires, and intentions.”

Using a proprietary, closed-loop, organic cane alcohol in a cold fusion process assures consumers that every drop or bite is consistent.

Zoots is about having a good time without feeling uncomfortably stoned, which sets Zoots apart as a purveyor of fine cannabis edibles.

Yummi Karma

Yummi Karma aims to provide high quality, consistent products for women, professionals, and patients who are seeking alternative ways to medicate.

“Making each product with you in mind, designed to fit perfectly into your daily routine, whether it is one of our edibles, topicals, or drink enhancers.”

If you’re having a party, or just want to add a little spice to your meal, Yummi’s award-winning chips, sauces, and salad dressings make it easy to get your perfect dose.

Madame Munchi

Winner of the 2014 San Francisco Cannabis Cup for Best Edibles, Madame Munchie combines high quality, gourmet French pastries with freshest California sun-grown cannabis.

Consciously deciding to go with relatively milder dosage compared the market, Madame Munchie wants its consumers to enjoy an entire macaron without concern of over-medicating. Thus, providing a delicious, smoke-free alternative which allows patients to experience a unique, gourmet medicating experience.

Wana: Edibles, Extracts and Medicinals

“Delicious, Potent and Consistent: Wana Brands has been an innovator in the Colorado infused products industry since 2010.

As one of Colorado’s original infused products manufacturers, Wana has developed an amazing line-up of artisan, made from scratch edibles, concentrates, and medicinal products including the state’s most popular sour gummies. Also, first to offer extended release capsules, available in three THC to CBD ratios.

Enhance your Life with Wana!”

Keef Cola

“Born in Colorado, Keef Cola and all of its products are intended to provide a breath of fresh air into the world of medicine.

We feel that patients of all kinds should be able to choose what type of medicine fits them best.

We infuse each of our products with a dose of Vitamin C and B-3-6-12 along with a healthy amount of regulated THC.”   

Pura Vida

Focused on providing a healthy alternative to medicating, Pura Vida has formulated the perfect combination of superfoods infused with the highest quality cannabis.

Their products contain nutrients that actually fuel and heal your body with every bite, above and beyond the affects THC provides. Perfect for cancer patients, diabetics, celiacs, or just the health-conscious, hungry individual.

Let thy food by thy medicine.


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