We strive to find the best quality, locally sourced ingredients and use the utmost care in providing the best syrups, edibles, and oil concentrates available. That includes keeping our products as body friendly as possible. Craft on. Vegan? Yes. GMO free? Check. Gluten free? Definitely. THC affects people differently. We recommend starting with a 5mg serving; that's 1 capful (a 1/2 serving) of our syrups, a 1/2 box of our Fremont Freaks candied fruit chews, or a small amount of our Concentrates. See how that amount effects your mind and body before adding more. Note that it may take 30-60 minutes to begin feeling any effects from the THC content in our products. Whether you're new to the effects of THC, someone who uses THC from time to time, or you have built a higher tolerance to THC by using it regularly; we have something for you. Feel free to try all our products, or take into account what we recommend you will be comfortable with: Novice Users - start with our Fremont Freaks. These candies contain 1mg of THC per piece, and are easy to use when trying to control your high. Feel confident and safe to not overindulge by starting with one and moving on from there. Regular Users - our Concentrates & Pure Oils are perfect for you. With a higher tolerance, you'll feel comfortable metering the more potent effect and attainable high. We source our berries locally by hand to get the freshest and most delicious flavors out of North Seattle and are constantly visiting farmer's markets to find the best product for our syrups and edibles. As seasons change, the ability to try new flavor profiles grows. We're excited to grow this local list of berry farms from our area.

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