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Defonce Chocolatier

Defonce Chocolatier

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San Francisco, California,

Défoncé brings together the world's most premium chocolate with choice California cannabis to create an unmistakably exceptional experience. We didn’t want to be compared to any other edible. We wanted to be better. People deserve better. So with a creative and fresh look, we’re proudly offering what is undoubtedly California’s best tasting cannabis-infused chocolate. With amazing gourmet ingredients and the cleanest cannabis extract available, we’re offering a unique experience in the edibles industry. We didn’t stop there. Our skilled chocolatiers use ingredients that are sourced sustainably and responsibly, because taking care of others is as important as taking care of ourselves. How is Our Cannabis Different? Our double lab-tested cannabis extract is sourced from one source and made from a pure sativa-hybrid strain through CO2 extraction. Our concentrate is made using clean and sustainable practices.


Listed Sinced: April, 2016

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