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Inspired by Cannabis, Committed to excellence. That statement embodies the attitude we share at Fairwinds & Catapult beverages. The complexity and potency of the cannabis plant is inspiring, a true medicine and a unique therapeutic herb. Our passionate approach to the cultivation and processing of cannabis is a combination of simplicity, state-of-the-art digital technology, and devotion. Cannabis is not a business opportunity, it is a humanitarian opportunity. We are committed to the healthy use of cannabis, to empower and heal. The result is pure unmatched flower and infused products that are of the highest purity and unmatched in flavor and effect. Cultivation Our success begins with the design of our facility. James Hull (Fairwinds Owner) is a global known 1st class engineer with vast experience in military systems design, utilizing advanced digital and mechanical technologies. He has brought that high-tech approach to the Fairwind's facility design for cultivating cannabis, integrating sophisticated computer controlled hardware, allowing for maximum consistency and responsiveness in the grow environment. Clean room design minimizes the invasion of pests and other diseases, allowing us to produce the strongest and healthiest plants that nature will allow, without the use of toxic chemicals. Our plants are a direct reflection of the results of not cutting corners in this quickly evolving market. Processing Our flower is handled with care and attention from harvest to infusion. First, our flower is dried and cured in a controlled environment, producing superb flavors and maximizing potency. A small portion of our flower is trimmed further and sold for smoking, but most of it is ground into a sticky powder and loaded into our closed-loop extraction system. Using a unique proprietary blend of 5 food-grade solvents, we yield a beautiful golden concentrate with remarkable potency and aroma. We remove all solvents to undetectable levels, tested by GC-MS, but the oil often remains a viscous liquid from the high percentage of terpenes. The oil concentrate is then further processed to activate the cannabinoids for edibles, or processed (de-waxing) into vapor cartridges. Terpenes that are lost in processing are recovered and added back into our vape cartridges, for a terpene rich, strain-specific flavor. Our consumable products (tincture, capsules, RTM, etc.) leverage the entourage effect, also known as “drug synergy,” to empower cannabis and deliver its medicine with enhanced absorption and a more targeted effect. Looking to cannabis for relaxation? We’ve got you covered. Looking to cannabis for inspiration, focus, and energy? We’ve still got you covered. Try one of our infused products and experience the dynamic effects of cannabis and the herbal entourage effect. We are here to break stigmas by innovation and creativity. We invite you to give us a chance on your next visit to a WA. dispensary.

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