Madame Munchie is a San Francisco based edible manufacturer that started in January 2014. Yet, they can already claim the 2014 San Francisco Cannabis Cup for Best Edibles as one of their major achievements. The fruit of a love story, Madame Munchie is a San Francisco’s couple greatest achievement. Kim came to the US after living most of her life in Paris, France, moving to San Francisco with the sole intent to start an edible collective. Ashley, a California native, had similarly been seeking for a cannabis venture to bring her family’s organically grown flowers into the market. Their goal is to combine the gourmet aspect and high quality of French pastries with the most natural California sun grown cannabis, to show people marijuana’s fancy side and help change the social stigma around cannabis. Madame Munchie’s Artisanal Cannabis Macarons come in five delicious gourmet flavors: Hazelnut Mocha, Citrus à l’amande (citrus almond), Tropical Jungle (chocolate banana), Green Gold (pistachio), and Grilled PB&J. Each macaron is perfectly dosed with 20mg of THC, giving the box of five a total of 100mg of THC. The Madame Munchie team consciously decided to go with a relatively milder dosage compared to other edibles on the market. The goal is to create a new category in edibles, to offer something more than just medicine to their patients. They’ve noticed that most other edibles are so potent that only patients with an extremely high tolerance can enjoy more than a sliver of the food at one time. With Madame Munchie, regular patients can eat a whole macaron without concerns of over-medicating. Their mission is to provide a delicious smoke free alternative that will allow all patients to experience a unique moment of gourmet medication. Enjoy the food as much as the medicine! As a San Francisco based collective, Madame Munchie uses only the best natural Northern California ingredients. Each handcrafted, naturally gluten-free macaron is lab tested for potency, purity and consistent dosage levels. Through their web presence and Social Media channels, the Madame Munchie team strives to increase awareness and education around proper dosage levels of medicinal cannabis. Cannabis knowledge is always a priority at Madame Munchie to ensure that all patients have access to the safest, most natural way of medicating possible.

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