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AirVape Xs is the most discrete vaporizer, because it is designed to fit comfortably in your pocket.

The .4 inch thinness and 3.2 oz weight makes it the most portable herbal vaporizer!

AirVape Xs is about the size of a credit card and it is not much thicker either.

From the sustainable body to the elegant technological core, every detail in AirVape combines beautiful engineering and meticulous craft.

We are dedicated to bring the best customer service ever made in the history of vaporizers.

We are a team of experienced vaporizer developers.

Chad Lovato and Roland Szegi are branding experts.

Roland is experienced product developer and former owner of Vaporize101, a company that merged with another herbal vaporizer brand.

Roland and Chad work closely with engineers and designers to get the best product possible.

'AirVape is truly a dream-come true, it exceeded all expectations, when we got the first feedbacks from our testers... We could NOT sell anything less then perfect!'


Listed Sinced: March, 2016

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