Weed Break Wednesday Goes Back to Basics

Weed Break Wednesday is about to get back to basics & break things down for you.

Back To Basics

It’s got many names including ganja, grass, bud, herb, weed.  But what is marijuana? How well do you explain the simplicity of this miracle plant to those just learning about the space?

Here’s an elementary refresher or, for some, a great intro into a little herb that’s causing a big stir.

Cannabis Industry Facts

Marijuana [mar|i|jua|na] is a mix of dried leaves and flowers of cannabis.  Cannabis (cannabis sativa) is a variety of hemp, an herb, that contains dozens of active compounds.

Consumers might smoke marijuana.  A hand rolled cigarette is called a joint and a blunt is a kind of marijuana cigar.  As vaping has become more popular so have vaping pens, which allow users to inhale cannabis vapors. A bong is a type of water pipe that creates a similar vaporization effect.  All devices can be used to inhale smoke or vapors.

Edibles are also becoming popular, particularly as medicine, and include herbal tea, or “resins.”  Resin is a kind of concentrate that has high dose of active ingredients.  Have you heard of “shatter?”  “Shatter” is a popular hard resin.

Topical applications like creams, tinctures or ointments have been long sought after for their healing properties and in the treatment of cancer legions, rash, arthritis and more.

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