How Weed Is Like Wine: An Interesting Look at a Budding Industry

Marijuana continues to reach new highs as the cannabis industry grows. Gone are the days of sub-par marijuana and no options to choose from. Now there are so many strains, it can be difficult to choose between them. Leaving many to wonder whether weed is like wine or soon becoming that way.

This expansion has allowed cannabis to become more like wine. With multiple strains, effects, tastes and growing processes there are even experts who specialize in educating consumers about their options. Thus, weed is like wine and may soon become a recreational activity for aficionados.

Weed is Like Wine: Budtenders are Becoming the New Sommeliers

In states where marijuana is legal, marijuana bars are fast becoming a trend at weddings. Like wine, weed is now being incorporated into major celebrations and simple nights with friends. Since more people are enjoying marijuana, budtenders are more in-demand than ever.

Much like a sommelier is an expert in wine, budtenders are experts in marijuana. They can offer the history, the flavors and the strength of different strains of cannabis. Where a sommelier would recommend which wine complements which food, budtenders can help consumers find the marijuana option that will offer the experience they are looking for.

Whether a person is looking for medicinal marijuana or recreational use, budtenders can help explain the options and find the best choice.

There are a variety of courses available to train new budtenders, covering quality, strains and everything needed to be an expert in marijuana.

Cannabis Strains are Similar to Wine Varieties and Vintages

Marijuana newbies may not realize that all marijuana is not the same. Much like the varieties and vintages in wine, there are different strains of marijuana. While most people know that chardonnay and pinot noir are not the same, even regular marijuana users may not know the differences between the strains of marijuana.

The three major strain types are sativa, indica and hybrid. Each strain looks different, has different effects and can be used to treat different medical conditions.

Sativa often has a more uplifting effect, creating a cerebral and creative experience. It can be used to help people with ADD, depression and mood disorders.

Indica often has a more relaxing, sedative effect. It can be used to help those with anxiety, insomnia or muscle spasms.

Hybrid strains are created when growers combine the genetics of different strains, so the effects vary from one strain to the next, depending on their parentage.

How the Wine Industry Can Influence the Marijuana Industry

As marijuana continues to become more available, the industry can learn a lot from the success of the wine industry. There are already some similarities. Much like celebrities will often launch their own wine labels, there has been a number of celebrities putting out their own brands of marijuana.

A closer look at the wine industry may offer a peek into the future of the cannabis industry. Wine enthusiasts can get affordable bottles right at the grocery store. As marijuana becomes more readily available, budget strains could become more available as well.

Still wondering if weed is like wine? For now, we will continue to watch as the legal cannabis industry matures. However, one day, weed pairings may be as common as wine pairings. Don’t worry, there will always be a budtender ready to help!

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