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Strava Craft Coffee

Strava Craft Coffee

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CBD Products

2452 S. Trenton Way, Denver, Colorado, 80231

At Sträva, we strive to delight customers with every product we sell.

Sträva is dedicated to roasting the very best coffee.   We focus on identifying top growers and regions, building lasting relationships, and small batch roasting to bring out the potential in every bean.  We roast Exceptional Signature, Distinctive Single-Origin, and Innovative CBD Infused Coffees.
We strive to support local, independent cafes and businesses and are committed to providing uncompromising quality with our products and service. We are passionate about building relationships with coffee farmers and their communities and strive to always source the highest quality beans in a responsible, sustainable manner. 

Sträva was founded in 2015 by two friends who share a love of great coffee, a passion for travel and adventure, and respect for all things Colorado. We’re dedicated entrepreneurs, aspiring to build a business which enables pursuit of our passions, and opportunity to share them with others. We strive to run our business as a socially responsible member of the coffee community and we're committed to quality products and equitable treatment of farmers, laborers and everyone in the supply chain who works hard to bring delicious coffee to your cup.


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