"The rare Spirit of 76 at Kindman was very impressive. The popcorn-sized buds in the sample jar all had a hint of purple under a slathering of sandy-colored crystals. In the shop, I got a strange, fruit-punchy Bubba Kush smell, but at home it had more of a grapey-lavender finish. Smoked, the potent little buds had a sweet, earthy taste and were great for mellowing out and easing anxiety after a stressful day. I also was struck with a mean case of the munchies soon after puffing a bowl, despite the fact that I had just finished a meal. At $25 an eighth, it was a perfect purchase, and one Ive been back for many times."

When you're the first newspaper pot critic, you end up trying a lot of different bud -- and 2013 was no exception for William Breathes. Here, Westword's cannabis expert picks the ten dankest strains of the year.

Ten Best Marijuana Strains 2013 - Westword
Established in 2009, Kindman provides customers with an unmatched cannabis product – grown in Colorado state-regulated facilities at indoor locations, using a customized process that combines food-grade nutrients and a unique soil mix that brings out the plant's best features.

Close attention is paid to product cleanliness, quality, curing and processing. Our grow operations are not only environmentally-friendly, but also ensure that all strains of Kindman marijuana are grown in a strictly controlled atmosphere; away from man-man and natural contaminants, with the cleanest possible water. That unique moisture system also flushes the plant with pure water in the last week before harvesting.

Kindman prides itself on being an industry pioneer, with a commitment to the future of the regulated, legal cannabis industry, while paying close attention to our consumers’ needs.

Since the January 1, 2014 start of legalized sales of recreational cannabis to adults in Colorado, Kindman has provided high-quality marijuana flowers to tens of thousands of customers from over 100 countries.
About Kindman
And we pride ourselves on always remembering the spirit of compassion and enjoyment that good cannabis can bring to nearly any occasion. That’s why we’re kind, man.

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