Lazy Bee Gardens is located in Winthrop, WA; nestled along the pristine Methow River, in sunny Okanogan County.

We are dedicated to sustainable farming practices, so our cannabis is grown the way nature intended. Using locally sourced organic soil amendments, we till our soil each spring.

Next, we brew up an Active Aerated Compost Tea (AACT). After a day or two we look at the microbial activity under a high powered microscope.

Once we see the proper amount of beneficial bacteria on the slide, we water our cannabis with the tea. The aerobic bacteria establishes itself in the earth and enhancing the plant's ability to assimilate the naturally occurring nutrients found in our glacier rich soil.

A living ecosystem develops around the roots and an entire food chain is set up. At the top of the food chain are our worm friends, and their droppings provide aeration, additional nitrogen, and other nutrients that promote strong and healthy plants.

We never use mineral-based fertilizers on our plants, so the finished product tastes delicious and burns clean.

We never spray our cannabis with pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, so you know the herb you buy from Lazy Bee Gardens™ will be pure and tasty.

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