Yerba Buena is an energetic, imaginative group of highly skilled and passionate horticulturists and visionaries dedicated to consistently producing the finest cannabis products available in today’s marketplace.

At Yerba Buena, we act as exemplary leaders in our community, maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality. We place extraordinary emphasis on education, honesty, innovation, research, charity, and love.

We are proud pioneers of an evolving industry, offering our unique perspective on the “Good Herb”.

Our farm is located on 29 acres of lush, fertile land tucked into a serene valley at the base of Oregon’s coastal range.

It is in this idyllic location that we find so much goodness: good food, good drink, good community and our “GOOD herb”.

We believe that living this “good life” comes with responsibility.

It means being good to oneself, to each other, and to the Earth. We favor organic growing methods and earth friendly practices.

What excites us most is growing and producing cannabis products that are predictable, dependable, safe and that bring balance, enjoyment and healing to the lives of those who use it.

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