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Shum-Met Bars is pleased to bring you the newest addition to our line up of amazing Chocolates.

Now infused with THC distillate, Shum-Met has made a commitment to the consumer to not only create an effective product but also a clean one. THC distillate is a raw form of THC acquired by a process called SPD or Short Path Distillation. In this process the cannabis extract is refined multiple times, increasing potency each time while removing all contaminants and waxes from the THC. The result is a viscus honey like extract known as Distillate. Order with confidence knowing that Shum-Met Bars infusions are of the highest quality with the patient in mind.

Our CBD products are produced from the highest quality CBD in the world. Shippable in all 50 states and meets or exceeds all federal laws within the US.
Please shop freely with no hesitation. Only $4 shipping anywhere in the US regardless of amount purchased!

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