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Combining years of industry experience and cannabis culture expertise with the most advanced modern technologies, Firebrand Infusions utilizes Supercritical Fluid Extraction to produce a boutique-quality product line. With health and wellness in mind, Firebrand provides a world class product that revolutionizes how you medicate. Firebrand Infusions safeguards the quality of its product line from seed selection to packaging. This means that only the best and brightest Firebrand staff cultivate our premium plants on site, utilize CO2 extraction to yield the highest quality THC concentrate, and manufacture the most consistent and reliable products in the industry. We take pride in our well-refined process which relies on our dedication to pinpoint science. Dosage levels are tested during each stage of production because after all, being dependable is what Firebrand Infusions is all about. There is no mystery to our products; they are always clean, pure, effective and gunk-free! We use High Performance Liquid Chromatography to test each of our products and label the exact milligram content of actual active THC — not just overall THC content — so you know exactly what to expect with every use. In a relatively young industry, Firebrand Infusions has set out to boldly and immediately distinguish itself by offering an incomparable product line. Each product of ours that reaches the consumer is the consequence of our meticulous touch, years of growth and development, and a blatant and palpable pride. It only takes holding our packaging in one’s hand to see how much effort has gone into making Firebrand the premier infusion company in the business. If you have lived and breathed marijuana for as long as we have -- and yes, the pun was intended --you know that quality is everything. Firebrand Infusions doesn’t outsource during any stage of the manufacturing of our premium products. We stay up to date with cutting-edge technologies and processes, we utilize the best and most up and coming strains, and strive to provide unparalleled perfection across the board.

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