Over the years, Dr. J's has always produced the best-tasting edibles using quality ingredients, and hash extracted safely, and without the addition of harmful chemicals or solvents.

We started with cold water extracted bubble hash, and in the beginning of 2014, we made the switch to CO2 Hash Oil to ensure product potency and effectiveness.

Today, we are controlling the procurement of all of our CO2 Hash Oil, giving us ultimate control of our destiny, and allowing us to expand.

We are committed to excellence, the Gold Standard, and we stand by our products and our customers. We are regularly changing our menu, adding new products, and creating custom flavors that cannot be found at any other edibles company.

Dr. J's will soon be on the market with a new line of Cannaceutical products, and we hope to extend our reach across multiple states.

As our country and laws evolve, we evolve with it, and we strive to continue to produce the highest quality, purest, and safest edibles.

Dr. J’s began producing “hash handies,” various sweet, potent treats that are easy to carry and discreet to consume and enjoy.

We still produce the highest quality and consistency infused edible products around, but since then, we’ve branched out to include capsules and pure concentrates that you can find at a local Colorado dispensary near you.

The reason our products are so special is because we take the time and added expense to use CO2 extraction.

Our pure marijuana hash concentrates never bear the slightest trace of hydrocarbon solvent residue, because we do not sue harsh solvents for extraction.

Our extraction, production and packaging all take place in our facility. The gas cylinders and equipment of the extraction room are mere steps from the racks and ingredients in our commercial kitchen.

This allows us to maintain strict control over our product and ensure the highest quality and promised potency, and ensure our product meets our exacting standards every step of the way.

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