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Dr. Robert's Bakery

Dr. Robert's Bakery

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Operating since 2012, Dr. Robert’s Bakery is a family-owned and operated edibles company in San Diego, California.

Dr. Robert's Bakery is dedicated to producing a high quality, cannabis infused edible, that is why each one of our products are made with the purest and finest ingredients available. We use Guittard chocolates, organic coconut oil, homemade granola, other natural ingredients, and absolutely no preservatives or artificial additives. All our products are made from scratch, no pre-made shortcuts here!

Robert was a chef for over 30 years before retiring due to his health. Starting with his own cannabutter recipe, he created our Chocolate Trip Cookie (the pioneer of our product line) for his pain management and sleep aid. Many recipes later, Dr. Robert is now known to have the most potent and gourmet tasting, cannabis infused edibles in California.


Listed Sinced: November, 2016

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