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Fruit Slabs

Fruit Slabs

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Los Angeles, California,

At the Beginning of 2015 we had a vision and a bone to pick. We were tired of eating desserts every time we wanted to medicate through food. The current edible market is full of cakes, candies and chocolates containing unnecessary sugars, corn syrups, colorings and fats. So we decided it was our time to redefine the edible market by creating the perfect infused product made with 100% organic fruit.

Fruit Slabs are the premier Organic. Vegan. Edibles.

Fruit Slabs are medicated all natural fruit leathers infused with High Quality Solvent-Free THC Extracts. We use only 100% Organic Fruits and Vegan ingredients. It's a wholesome way to medicate for health conscious medical marijuana patients. Handmade in California.


Listed Sinced: April, 2017

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