Our mission is simple. We are spreading the joy and therapeutic benefits of cannabis through low-dose, small-batch edibles made with quality, organic ingredients and pure cannabis oil.

Hailing from the Outer Sunset, San Francisco, we are educating our community on safe, responsible ways to consume edibles, including starting slow with one serving size, eaten with your favorite healthy snack for optimal effects, and slowly increasing or decreasing your serving size as you learn your

tolerance for deep breaths, big smiles and good vibes.

There is no shortage of edible options in the cannabis community. But when it comes to health-conscious, low-dose products, the options are few and far between.

Our all-natural, raw, vegan, and organic products are made with no added sugars or sweeteners, and are designed specifically with the health-conscious patient in mind.

Please enjoy our delicious dried fruit edibles responsibly. Take the high road, with a low-dose.

Doing what we love heals us. Feeling alive keeps us alive. Tap into what moves you.

Whether it's to the surf, to your mat, or to the mountains, you find healing in the adventure and the road you take to get there.

The #OutsetMindset is all about living authentically and being in touch with physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Bridging the gap between recreation and adventure.

Outset was created when best friends became frustrated over the excess of high-dose, sugary and fatty snackfood edibles being passed off as medicine and decided to create their own edibles to support a healthy, mindful lifestyle.

Living in the Outer Sunset (Outset) community in San Francisco, we love to surf in the Pacific, bike through the neighborhood, find calm on our yoga mat and run on the beach on a foggy day--but don’t want to be held back by our pain, stress or anxiety.

We wanted to create an edible that would reflect our community and individual values and that we could incorporate easily into our leisure time.

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