ViPovaTM was created in response to the search for a more comforting and effective method of delivering the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil through edible products. Originally founded by a PhD-educated health care practitioner and by a world-class athlete, the technology behind ViPova products is now patent protected and recognized for its benefits.

Non-psychoactive cannabinoids are in many ways fragile molecules. They are subject to destruction from high-heat or from acidic environments, for example. Like many vitamins and other beneficial substances, in order to experience any possible benefits, it is important to ensure delivery to those areas of the body where it can be put to use.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp is majority-owner of the underlying technology and has expanded it dramatically since 2014. At its heart, the lipid-cannabinoid conjugation is postulated to deliver four important benefits that consumers can experience in every serving:

Improved Taste
Improved Protection from Stomach Acids
Improved Intestinal Absorption
Lymphatic System Delivery vs. First-Pass Liver Metabolism
(Statements not evaluated nor approved by the FDA)

Together, these qualities combine to offer higher overall bioavailability than without the patented technology. What consumers experience are better tasting and more satisfying products. ViPovaTM teas, coffee and hot chocolate offer best in class experiences in every cup.

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