Xtractology is a Northern California based MMJ Collective. We specialize in cannabinoid extraction with a focus on terpene retention. We most often utilize light hydrocarbon extraction methods and further polish utilizing other purification procedures. All of our extracts are extremely flavorful when properly administered. All of our extracts are SC Labs Certified, for the utmost patient safety.

We perform many types of extractions and produce many types of extracts. All of which are made from the highest quality starting material, including sugar trim, budlets (larf/popcorn), nugs and whole plant. Most of our material we process is fresh frozen. However, we do produce a good amount of cured resin extract for it's unique attributes, such as it's more mature/cured taste. Upwards of 90% of the material we process is grown in-house.

We utilize laboratory testing not only for production development purposes, but for every single batch we provide patients access to. Patient safety is our overriding priority. Because of this, we define a batch as a single extraction and test every extraction, even during multiple extraction runs of the same material. Every currently available batch has a publicly reported Certificate of Analysis available. We are firm believers in 100% transparency when it comes to the constituents of medication. We back this up with informative packaging that readily relay pertinent information that patients need and/or desire to know.

Our products are produced utilizing the highest grade distilled solvents, including 3.0 Research Grade n-Butane, 4.0 Research Grade Propane and Pure USP/NF Grade Ethanol. All of the concentrate we produce is 99.95% or more Solvent-Free. The majority of our concentrates test at Undetectable, Not Detectable or Below Detectable Level for all residual solvents. Almost all of our batches are dewaxed for maximum purity and taste.

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