Formed in 2007, JSLV is a brand committed to bringing quality apparel to the skate, snow, surf and art culture. JSLV is made up of a diverse group of individuals all sharing common goals and dreams. In a short amount of time JSLV has grown from a well thought out plan into a brand that is now recognized on an international level. It is only because of our "now or never" attitude and the continued support of our industry and community of friends, that we are able to preserve the momentum and drive it takes to keep our doors open. We incorporate facets of our daily lives and are inspired by our daily struggles.

We stand behind our product 100% and stay dedicated to the growth and progression of the brand. Our goal is for the JSLV Signature to remain timeless while keeping the product innovative and true. With continual growth in every division and the proper structure in place, we are now pushing harder than ever. It's no secret that in this industry, brands rise and fall and trends go as soon as they come. At JSLV we strive to be on the cutting edge of upcoming trends while holding fast to the integrity of the brand. In this fast paced world of apparel only the strong will survive!.

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