• Vandy is on VICE! Check out our LA SESSION on the newest episode of Daily VICE.

    2 Years ago
  • Flashback to Capitol Hill Block Party 2016 in these last few days of sunshine and summer! We were very honored to be able to sponsor the VVIP Mainstage Artist Lounge in the Cloud Room along with Alaska Airlines and the Goodship Company! We even got to chat with Mirror Gloss, the Thunderpussiez, Hunnit Cashtro, and Porter Ray.

    Check it out.

    3 Years ago
  • Dear Vandy,

    Are those adorable little dogs at the airport sniffing for pot, Class A drugs, or bombs? I sometimes forget that I have a little something (neither a bomb nor a Class A drug) in my purse or toiletry bag when I travel. How much should I worry about this when I fly domestically?

    Mile High Malaise

    Read Vandy's advice here

    3 Years ago
  • A big thanks to Marina, leading lady of #poshpot and Canna Curious Club's Founder for giving us a glimpse of her session essentials. And as luck would have it, we caught Marina mid-jetset so she profiled her travel stash. A TRIP indeed.

    3 Years ago

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