5 Cannabis Oil Facts You Didn’t Know

Consumers can buy cannabis in many forms, especially with so many legislative changes that have made marijuana legal for medical and recreational purposes in states across the U.S.

Cannabis oil is one of the most common forms, a distilled version of the marijuana plant that strips the plant material away and leaves a concentrated form of cannabinoids.

Cannabis oil has become a popular choice for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The following presents five facts about cannabis oil that you may not know about.

Studies Show Cannabis Oil Can Help Cancer Patients

Cannabis oil has been part of numerous cancer studies, from pain and symptom relief to trying to cure the terrible disease. Studies have shown that cannabis oil can help ease the pain, nausea and vomiting of cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

Even more promising, a study by researchers from the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco showed a cannabis compound could potentially target and eliminate cancer cells to keep the disease from spreading.

Though funding for cancer studies can be difficult due to the federal government keeping it categorized as illegal, these results show promise.

Cannabis Oil May or May Not Get You High

Cannabis oil with CBD helps treat different ailments without producing the psychotropic effect that makes a person feel high. This makes it an ideal treatment for people who do not want to get high while getting their treatment.

Cannabis oil with THC offers the chance to cook edibles that do produce the psychotropic properties that get people high. These edibles work for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Cannabis Oil Could Help With Mental Health

Other than cancer, cannabis oil also may improve a number of mental health ailments. Studies show that CBD cannabis oil could have antipsychotic properties that may combat psychosis. Cannabis oil may also help with depression and chronic anxiety.

Other research has shown THC could potentially improve mental capabilities of people with Alzheimer’s disease, so perhaps in the future THC-based cannabis oil could prove beneficial in this way.

Children Who Have Seizures Benefit from Cannabis Oil

Some of the biggest advocates of cannabis oil have been parents of children who have seizures. Many of these young patients have not had relief from other methods, but cannabis has helped to stop the seizures.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed the University of California at San Francisco to research how cannabidiol could help children under the age of 18 with relief from their symptoms.

Cannabis Oils have Varied Levels of Cannabinoids

Not all cannabis oils are the same. Each one has a varied level of cannabinoids, allowing them for use in different ways, for different reasons. This also allows cannabis oils for use recreationally or medicinally.

The varied uses of cannabis oil make it an essential part of the growing cannabis industry and a major help to people all across the country.

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