Patented Process Provides Higher Quality, Hemp-Derived Wellness Products

No area of the cannabis industry is growing faster than hemp and CBD. As more people become aware of the potential health benefits of CBD, more companies such as Oregon-based Healthy Roots are striving to provide consumers more refined, sophisticated products.

The demand is there. The decision by Congress to make hemp products in the United States legal with passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has led to more people looking for quality,  hemp-derived CBD products. CBD provides the health benefits of cannabis without THC, the chemical that causes the “high” in marijuana.

Bethany Gomez of market research firm Brightfield Group told CBS News she has “never seen an industry grow this quickly.” She projects that the market for CBD could grow to $22 billion in the next five years.

With that rapid growth, the quality of CBD products can vary wildly. That’s where a company such as Healthy Roots is standing out from the competition with a patented process that produces a higher quality and healthier line of CBD products.

Differences With Healthy Roots

Healthy Roots sets itself apart from the competition in the CBD products industry in a number of ways. They provide an excellent example of how to approach developing a product from a  different perspective.

In the case of Healthy Roots, the company created a new formulation method for developing hemp-based products that preserve the “entourage effect” of multiple CBD compounds. These compounds, working together, provide a more effective CBD product.

Some of the factors that set the company apart include the following.

Controlling the Process. Healthy Roots controls its products “from seed to seal.” Hemp for the company’s products is grown locally in Oregon and the company oversees every step along the way involving extraction, testing, packaging and marketing.

Patented Process. The company has a provisional patent on its formulation method for hemp-derived products. The company uses a full spectrum oil which is made up of less than .3% of THC. That level is dropped even lower through a process that also increases the percentage of CBD.

Certified Organic. The company’s products are certified organic, meaning they use all organic ingredients and no pesticides are used on growing plants. The company also sources all its product locally.

Regulatory Compliant. The company strives to meet and exceed the requirements of a host of regulatory measures that govern the manufacturing of hemp products. Healthy Roots is certified with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, registered with the federal Food and Drug Administration, have permits for food handlers and food processing, are compliant with the Farm Bill, enforce Good Manufacturing Practices and have $1 million in insurance for the company’s products.

Additionally, the company is seeking certification from the U.S. Hemp Authority and the National Animal Supplement Council.

More On Patented Process

The extraction methods used by Healthy Roots are key to what makes the company’s hemp products so effective while also flavorful. This is because the company focuses on creating a full spectrum oil that supports a better entourage effect.

The Healthy Roots process strives to mimic what the human body does. Every person has a highly efficient endocannabinoid system in which many different chemicals are manufactured,  binding to receptors in our central nervous system. They assist in many different areas, including memory, appetite, sleep, the immune system, mood and pain management.

The cannabis plant has a similar system, where chemical compounds called phytocannabinoids are produced. The Healthy Roots process extracts about 80 of these compounds that, when working together, create the entourage effect that is more effective at treating a number of health issues.

Health Benefits of CBD

CBD products derived from hemp using this full spectrum oil approach can address a wide range of issues for users. CBD products can function as an anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and even anti-depressant.

Some of the conditions it can address include pain relief, reduction in anxiety and depression, inhibiting cancer cell growth, reducing nausea and promoting vascular and bone growth. Studies have also shown it can reduce the number of seizures in epilepsy patients.

Healthy Roots Products

The company has developed a wide range of products to put their patented process and the resulting health benefits to use. They include the following.

Deep Roots Tinctures. These come in peppermint, blueberry and “natural flavorless,” each designed to provide a different benefit such as clarity during the day or relaxation at night.

Root Butter. This product contains 500 milligrams of CBD as well as the combination of other cannabinoids from full spectrum oil. It’s designed for fast action, especially formulated for pain relief.

Facial serum. Designed for everyday skin care, designed to smooth wrinkles on the face, reduce puffy eyes, alleviate dry skin and prevent pimples.

Bath bombs. These are exactly what they sound like. Place them in your bath for a chance to “revitalize, restore and rejuvenate.”

These are some of the products from Healthy Roots, a company that has distinguished itself by providing not only with the quality of its CBD products but also the unique methods used to make them. It’s another excellent example of how the cannabis industry continues to evolve to provide consumers with better products.

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