A Holiday Gift Guide For The Best Cannabis Products

The holidays are upon us. If you want to give that special someone a gift that will truly impact their lives in a positive way, the below holiday gift guide is one you want to read. Each of these companies offer high-quality, exclusive products that have received accolades for both craftsmanship and usefulness.

If that sounds like something you are searching for, look no further than the following holiday gift guide.


Kushy Punch

Making You Better, Healthier and Happier

At Kushy Punch, the emphasis is on creating edible cannabis products that are made from the best sources. Kushy Punch always sources locally, using the best organic ingredients available to create their tasty treats.

The goal at Kushy Push is to have everything they produce holistically fulfill their customers’ mind, body and soul – and please their taste buds. The company’s goal is nothing less than “a world where poverty and hunger don’t exist and people can work together to create healthy communities that can thrive as one.”

Kushy Punch believes in the power of cannabis to treat medical conditions, noting it’s been used for thousands of years by our ancestors. They also value hard work and humility. Starting with fresh, organic ingredients, Kushy Punch creates edibles that have proven effective in treating medical disorders and illnesses. The result is cannabis oils that are the purest available anywhere in the world.

Kushy Punch products include the Kushy Punch cannabis-infused gummy, Kushy Punch CBD gummies and the Kushy Vape disposable pen. Any would make perfect additions to your gift list for that special someone who wants a product that not only tastes good but also helps them deal with issues such as pain, anxiety, appetite loss and stress.


BovedaCuring, Storing, Humidifying, Oh My

Boveda has the total humidity management system for your bud. The company’s Home Grow Kit with Humidity Sensor (Butler) will get you ready to cure like a pro. They’ve gathered all the tools of the trade together for you. Boveda’s system takes the guesswork out of curing, storing and humidifying your herb. Investing in humidification for your home grow will maximize your yield as well as your bottom line.

The secret to fuller, more potent buds is all in the cure. Preserving that potency is all in the Boveda.

Boveda provides the cleanest and most purified humidity of all other products available on the market today. In other words, Boveda is completely safe to touch your herbs. Hundreds of the world’s top cultivators and home growers count on Boveda to easily cure, store and humidify their precious flowers.

While storing your bud, monitor your humidity via our Boveda Butler. The Boveda Butler is the only container monitor equipped with the Boveda One-Step Calibration Kit. The Butler resides in your container—right on top of your bud or affixed to your container lid. It communicates via Bluetooth® to the free Boveda app on your iOS 8.0+ or Android 5.0+ mobile device. You can now access your container’s conditions all the time.

You can pick up the Boveda Home Grow Kit with Humidity Sensor today by visiting https://bovedainc.com/home-grow-kits/.


CannedescentMastery of Cannabis Cultivation

Experienced cannabis consumers know some companies simply do a better job producing high-quality flower. One of those is Canndescent.

The company already has built one of the most powerful brands in the marijuana industry. Accolades have poured in from dozens of media outlets. Those include Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, Vogue, CNBC, Playboy, Mashable, USA Today and the Hollywood Reporter.

The attention is well-deserved. Cannedescent focuses all its efforts on the customer experience and satisfaction. That’s why the customer journey starts with a simple question: “How do you want to feel today?”

Cannedescent can provide the flower to match the answer to that question. The company focuses on creating premium flower strains that maximize the potential for every customer and help them make the most of their day, depending entirely on how they want to feel.

Each flower is named by its effect. They include Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. Each provides users with the effect they want for any particular day. And yes, it’s possible to buy a gift box that includes not only the different flowers but also organic hemp wick, rolling papers, crutches and matches.

As Canndescent says, when it comes to their products, “You and the flower always come first.”


Level Up the Vaping Experience

Vaping continues to grow in popularity and with good reason. But certain companies have taken the vaping experience to new levels. Two of those are Arizer and DynaVap. Both are exceptional choices if you have vape products on your gift list.

ArizerArizer is known for continually raising the standard for what the vaping experience offers. The company produces an extensive collection of vaping products, each designed to meet the needs of individual customers.

Arizer is also known for exceptional design of their products. They include small, portable and elegant vapes such as the ArGo; the Air and Air II; and the Solo, Solo II and Solo NRE. Each comes with its own set of features, making it easier to find the right gift. Each also has refined features such as ceramic heating elements, all-glass vapor paths and precise digital temperature controls.


DynaVap also provides elegant and efficient vaping products using high-quality materials that result in the finest battery-free vapes available. The company offers modular vaping pieces that can be mixed and matched from three different categories: The “M,” VonGs and Omnis.

Each is designed with varied materials, including steel, wood (such as walnut or cedar) and titanium. Everything is built in-house by a dedicated team of engineers and technologists. That’s why DynaVap has a well-deserved reputation for building unique, effective and elegant vaping products.

The Power of CBD

Products that incorporate cannabidiols (CBD) have grown in popularity because they can provide relief from pain, stress, anxiety and other conditions through the medical benefits of cannabis. Those looking for high-quality CBD products need to look no further than these two excellent companies: Strava and Papa & Barkley.

Strava Coffee

Strava specializes in craft coffee. The company’s exceptional coffee is driven by dedication to small-batch roasting and building relationships with coffee farmers and their communities. They work to find the best regions for coffee bean growing and the top growers in those regions. They choose to partner with growers who offer high-quality beans grown in a sustainable manner.

The result are roasts called Exceptional Signature, Distinctive Single-Origin and Innovative CBD Infused Coffee. For the holidays, Strava has also released Elevate Dark Roast. Each is designed to nourish, balance and restore.

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley started with a son’s search to find something that could help his father with debilitating back pain. The balm created helped the father – “Papa” – return home. The company is named after Papa and the family’s beloved dog, Barkley.

That same innovation and dedication that went into creating the original balm is now used to create a variety of CBD-infused products. They include the Releaf line of balms, body oils, patches, tinctures, soaks and capsules. Each is designed to provide relief from pain, anxiety, muscle cramps and stress.

All of the companies within this holiday gift guide provide high-quality products that would make the perfect gift for the holidays. In addition to the joy it will bring your gift recipient, it also shows how much you care and that they are worth the best of the best when it comes to cannabis products.

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