The Best Practices For Cannabis Storage

You wouldn’t store your wine on top of the refrigerator or on the kitchen counter (you shouldn’t, anyway). You certainly wouldn’t leave your video game on the back porch or store ice cream in the oven. And yet, many people fail to put that kind of thought into proper cannabis storage.

Too many people leave their weed in a plastic baggie, throw it in a drawer and call it day. Worse yet, some leave it in the bag exposed to light or in an area of the house that gets hot. Not good choices.

With cannabis legal for adults, it’s time to start acting like adults when it comes to cannabis storage! If you’re looking for storage options and other weed-related products, you can find them with the cannabis accessories offered only through a variety of high-quality companies. You also can keep the following cannabis storage tips in mind.

Tips for Storing Weed

The following provides an overview of some of the main considerations to make when you prepare your weed for storage. The idea is to keep your weed fresh – you don’t want it drying out on you – and also to contain the smell of weed in your house if that’s a concern.

Glass Jars

Glass is king when it comes to proper cannabis storage. Even though you can pick up a handful of plastic containers cheaply at every grocery store, it’s best to keep your stash away from plastic. It can potentially reduce the potency of cannabis and does not provide the same level of care as glass.

Glass jars with rubber seals – commonly referred to as mason jars – provide the best option. The air-tight construction keeps the stash safely contained. It also contains the smell of cannabis from escaping the jar, and will not impact the potency of your weed.

Why invest in jars? Like any purchase you make – including food and wine – you want to store cannabis properly to make it last. Cannabis stored in the wrong conditions degrades quickly. Take some time to plan ahead and have the glass jars needed to store it correctly.

Cannabis Storage Location

You can place your stash in the proper type of glass jar, but that’s a wasted effort if you put the jar in the sunshine all day. Keep these three important location factors in mind.

Temperature. Ideally, you want cannabis stored at a temperature at or below about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. And don’t put it in the refrigerator to keep it “fresh” – cannabis dries out when it’s too hot or too cold. Also, condensation from storage in the refrigerator can lead to mildew.

Humidity. You don’t want humidity – it makes your stash more likely to grow mold. On the other hand, extremely dry conditions can lead to weed becoming brittle. Find a non-humid place in your home that is comfortable, not dry.

Block air and light. As mentioned above, air-tight jar containers keep cannabis from exposure to external air that will degrade its potency. Light also degrades cannabis, making it important to place it in a dark place.

On that last point, size really does matter. You want to pack the cannabis flower as tightly as possible in your jar. So, get various glass jar sizes that are best to contain the amount of weed you have in your stash.

Cannabis Storage for Joints

Maybe you like to order pre-rolled cones or have a friend who rolls up your stash for you into smokable joints. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to use the same approach to storage as you do with unrolled cannabis. Some pre-roll companies also offer small storage containers that work well for short-term joint storage.

Some other types of cannabis products and the best storage methods include the following.

Edibles. Put them in the refrigerator if they contain ingredients that require refrigeration (eggs and dairy, for example). Otherwise, an air-tight container in a cool, dry place is the way to go.

Oils. If you buy cannabis tinctures or oils, you typically can store them in a cool, dark place in their original container. By the way, oils usually maintain their potency for longer than other cannabis products.

Concentrates. Concentrates store best in the refrigerator, where they maintain potency and consistency for longer.

These best practices for cannabis storage can help your stash stay fresh and potent for longer, while also keeping the odor contained. Just a simple investment in glass jars in a variety of sizes and time spent finding the right location in your home can manage your stash needs in most cases.

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