Cannabis Farmers Unite in Northern California to Form the Legion of Bloom

The cannabis industry has made for some colorful businesses, including those run by celebrities and ex-athletes. But one of the most notable is the Legion of Bloom, a partnership between five California cannabis farmers to produce high-quality products through sustainable cultivation and extraction practices.

The approach has worked. In addition to having a great name, the company also has developed a line of cannabis products that are produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides or additives.

Not surprisingly, the company has won 10 cannabis industry awards. The Legion of Bloom has created a culture built around “new world consciousness,” which promotes both wellness for consumers and environmental awareness in how they approach making their products.

A Cutting-Edge Extraction Method

Legion of Bloom has developed an extraction method to produce the most natural terpenes possible for use in the company’s products. An excellent example of this are the cartridges for the Monarch Vape Pen, which has won the High Times Cannabis Cup three times.

To create vape cartridges for the pen, the company starts with naturally grown cannabis cultivated by small farms in Northern California. They source all terpenes from a single source. Terpenes are the molecules that give marijuana its taste and flavor. Each is unique to the plant strain it comes from.

They then blend the single-source terpenes with pure THC oil. With this process, they create the taste, smell and “feel” of smoking your favorite strain, but with the advantages of using pure, concentrated vapor.

The cartridges also feature stainless steel and glass construction, along with a ceramic heating element and ceramic mouth tip.

That’s the level of care put into just one product. And the company offers a wide variety of products.

Legion of Bloom - The MonarchAdvantages in Legion of Bloom Products

Cannabis consumers already face a barrage of products from many companies, even if legal marijuana is a relatively new industry. Companies must prove competitive by offering buyers a more refined, sophisticated product and experience.

Legion of Bloom prides itself on certain aspects of its operation that set the company apart. When they united to form their partnerships, the experienced farmers committed to only making products that met their exacting standards for purity and quality.

That meant using small-batch farming, create a boutique, farm-to-table experience with their cannabis products. Here are some of the ways the company seeks to distinguish itself.

  • The five farmers involved with the Legion of Bloom use only sustainable methods – and no chemicals or pesticides – to create their products.
  • They use only high-quality terpenes to imbue the company’s cartridges and pods with the “taste and feel you expect from cannabis.” They focus on producing “a potent, portable vape experience.”
  • Using their proprietary extraction process, the company produces cannabis extracts that combine the “authentic taste and feel of smoking flowers” but with the convenience of using a cannabis oil vaporizer.

Legion of Bloom - Pax PodsAnother example of the company’s attention to detail in the extraction process can be seen in the terpene profiles used in their strain-specific PAX Pods.

Starting with a specific strain and a focus on creating a desired effect, the company creates a precise formula with more than 40 unique full-spectrum terpenes in the exact ratios found in the given strain. Each strain profile is developed from all-natural, botanically-derived plant sources. This creates a very specific “entourage effect” – the synergistic relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to create a desired effect in a particular strain of cannabis.

This is the sort of attention to detail through which the Legion of Bloom distinguishes itself.  The resulting products have – judging by the many awards the company has won – already set the company apart from the competition.

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