How to Become a Cannabis Industry Executive

Marijuana Business Daily is reporting that 87% of those who hold management type roles in the cannabis industry have continued educational pursuits after high school, which includes certificates or “some sort of degree.”

Cannabis Industry Leaders

Recent survey results also indicated that these cannabis industry figures are, by comparison, 19% higher than the broader United States. What’s impressive, though not super surprising, is that 33% of those in cannabis center testing labs hold a post-graduate degree, like a PhD.

Cool, right?  However, not mentioned: What exactly are these degrees or certificates that so many marijuana execs have?

We know that one online University has recently announced its plans to roll out a Bachelor of Health Administration program, with a specialization in cannabinoid therapies. But finding cannabis specific education at an accredited university, until this more recent era, has been a futile search.

So that got us thinking. How do you prepare for a career in the marijuana industry?

What can you do?

Marijuana Education

The answer? Well, the answer kind of depends on what you’re interested in. Marijuana jobs are as multifaceted as the industry itself. Marijuana related employment could include glassblower, bud tender, horticulturist, greenhouse manager, food scientist, tester, lab technician, courier, or genetic engineer.

So, let’s be real for a sec. While not a suit and tie industry, the cannabis sector is maturing. That means that the infrastructure or “corporate ladder,” though not entirely visible yet to the naked eye, is being built. So education will be important if you plan to grow in cannabis, or at least it will if you plan to own a business or earn a seat at the cannabis boardroom table.  And you’ll need to be networking.  And doing a bunch of other career stuff.   And this is now starting to sound the same as landing a killer gig in any ol’ boring industry, isn’t it?  Hmph.

How to become a marijuana executive?  That’s today’s million dollar question.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already bringing home some bacon doing something related to cannabis. So, where’d you learn your mad skills? How did you educate yourself on weed? No, not that story.  Let us rephrase.  We mean how did you first learn about the business of weed?

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