Why We Can’t Help Feelin’ the Bern

The race for the White House has us all wondering which presidential hopeful will be legal weed’s biggest ally.  And we really can’t help feelin’ the Bern, as in Democrat Bernie Sanders. Sanders has already talked legislation to the Senate that would put an end to the federal ban on marijuana.

Marijuana Users Feelin’ the Bern

Even in this most recent round of Democratic debates, Sanders plays well into a 60’s hippie stereotype that one would assume backs legalization.  Like – maybe, just maybe – Sanders wants weed to be legal for his own benefit.

Funny thing, though, he swears he’s only smoked weed twice.  And didn’t like it ‘cuz he coughed too much.  But Brooklyn-born Bernie completely backs decriminalization and may, at this stage of the game, be marijuana’s biggest hope.

Marijuana Policy Project has given Sanders it’s highest grade – a straight up A.  By comparison, Republican Senator Rand Paul has earned an A- with MPP, the only other A grade doled out by MPP.

Politico’s polling center shows Sanders picking up steam among likely Democratic primary voters, though he is still trailing Hillary Clinton by 20% or more for the week of January 13th to 18th, 2016.

Bernie Sanders’ Cannabis Position

Sanders has championed for decriminalization and openly criticized the War on Drugs for years, citing cost and “destruction of a whole lot of lives of people who were never involved in any violent activities.”  He says those who reside in states where marijuana is legal should be able to live in accordance with their local regulations and ought not to fear federal prosecution.  He also thinks that the U.S. banking system ought to be open game for marijuana entrepreneurs who are, as of today, banned from participating in services due to weed remaining an illegal drug at the federal level.

While were in no way backing any particular candidate, it’s super important to know who’s with us and who’s against us, wouldn’t you agree?  Where you at?  You feelin’ the Bern too?

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