Rich Coffee for Health-Conscious Connoisseurs

Coffee has made incredible leaps forward in the past few decades from a plain “cup of Joe” in the past, to an artisanal culture of quality and innovation. Now, the legal cannabis market has paved the path for even further enhancements for coffee enthusiasts.

CBD Coffee

Coffee companies now combine the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive chemical that occurs naturally in cannabis, with the rich flavor and lavish experience of small batch, craft-roasted coffee.

An example of this comes from Strava Craft Coffee, a company established in 2015 by coffee lovers who wanted to bring the healthy combination of coffee and CBD to their home in Denver. The company roasts small-batch specialty coffee and infuses it with full – spectrum hemp oil, providing a new experience for coffee lovers.

That experience can range from feeling alert, calm and focused to meaningful relief from anxiety, inflammation and pain.

Health Benefits of CBD

CBD offers many medical benefits, some of which are just now being studied. But for many, it’s already become part of their regular health routine because of how immediate the benefits can be.

Athletes and those who work out routinely have espoused the benefits of CBD. The annual 420 Games have become a proponent of CBD products, as have athletes such as UFC fighter Chris Camozzi.

Camozzi has said the CBD oil he uses provides relief from stress and strains. He also said he recovers faster from work and injuries – even quicker than he did as a younger man. His thoughts reflect those of other professional athletes, who have called on sports leagues to allow players to use CBD products as a potential replacement for opioids.

CBD and Wellness

The benefits of CBD go beyond helping manage the aches, pains and injuries that can happen to athletes or workout buffs. It’s increasingly seen as part of an overall wellness routine for many.

Some espouse its use for battling anxiety and depression. Others use it to combat nausea and increase appetite. The potential uses at this point seem unlimited.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken the numerous studies and the potential uses of CBD seriously. They recently took the big step of advising officials worldwide that CBD should be taken off all illegal drug lists.

WHO is now studying the science on CBD to determine some of the best uses for the product. They already reported it seems to help with seizures in epileptic patients. It’s also proven helpful to some women going through menopause.

Combining CBD With Coffee

Colorado-based Strava Craft Coffee has taken the benefits of CBD and combined it with the lavish flavor of craft-roasted coffee. Not only is the coffee delicious, but also the benefits of the CBD cannot be ignored:

For one thing, it might be the perfect hangover cure. Using CBD-infused coffee the morning after can eliminate nausea and provide relief from an aching head.

But it also can become part of routine that supports calmness, alertness and less anxiety in your day. Strava Craft Coffee has a variety of hemp oil-infused coffee bean roasts that create a variety of therapeutic effects.

They include Elevate, Restore, Focus, and Escape. They’ve done the work of finding the right beans, and the right does, of CBD to create the perfect cup.

CBD products continue to move into the mainstream as more people discover their benefits. Strava Craft Coffee offers an excellent example of how that is happening in ways that make access to the benefits of CBD easier than ever before – along with a great cup of coffee.

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