CBD Living Returns To Its Roots With a New Lineup of Sparkling Waters

The CBD beverage market continues to get more interesting, with new products appearing on shelves often in 2020. But there’s one that merits special attention: the return of CBD Living to where it started, creating new beverages for dispensary shelves.

First known for its CBD Living Water, the company recently launched a new line of sparkling waters that builds upon their original product.

Each can of CBD Living Sparkling Water contains 25mg of CBD sourced from hemp grown in the United States. The new beverages come in four flavors: Orange Grapefruit, Peach Honey, Strawberry Lavender and Apple Ginger. Each one is vegan, gluten-free and certified kosher.

None of them contain THC. You can buy them in single cans, a 12-pack, a 24-pack, or in a sample 4-pack.

It’s yet another interesting entry in a market that continues to explode, with experts predicting it will reach a global market of more than $11 million by 2025.

CBD Living COO Sean McDonald said in a press release that with CBD Living Sparkling Water “we’re returning to our roots in the beverage industry. True to our pioneering company mission, we’re excited to introduce four unique flavors of CBD sparkling water that you won’t find anywhere else.”

CBD Living One Of First Into Market

With the competition growing in the market, CBD Living has the advantage of having been one of the first – and most successful – businesses to enter the CBD beverage market.

The success of CBD springs from the fact that CBD-infused products focus on wellbeing, rather than getting high (hence the lack of THC). CBD Living, based in California, came out ahead of the curve in this area.

CBD Living Returns To Its Roots With a New Lineup of Sparkling WatersThe company offered CBD Living Water in the first days of legal cannabis in 2014, focusing on health and wellness. Each bottle contains 100% organic and natural hemp extracts. Also, it allows consumers to introduce CBD into their routine with “guess-free dosing” – each 500 milliliter bottle contains 10mg of CBD.

CBD Living also uses an approach that differs from competitors. Through the use of a proprietary technique involving ultrasound, in-house scientists at CBD Living break down CBD into nanoparticles that pass through the blood membrane, allowing for “enhanced absorption.”

This gives their products up to 90% bioavailability, far higher than the 10% to 15% when consuming traditional CBD products. This is why you will see them reference “nano-CBD” on their products.

CBD Living Expands Product Line

Dispensaries have stocked CBD Living products on their shelves for many years now. That’s because after the success of CBD Living Water, the company expanded into many different products.

In the area of food and drink, the company offers gummies, sleep aid syrup, chocolate bars, tea and coffee. They also offer a lineup of CBD topicals that includes bath bombs, hand sanitizers, lip balm, lotion, massage oil and soap.

CBD Living CBD TopicalCBD Living also offers CBD oil tinctures, capsules, pet products and concentrates. They have a travel line that includes salve and tinctures, plus much more. The company now has products sold in more than 5,000 stores. They also sell their products online, with free shipping anywhere in the United States for orders of more than $75.

For dispensaries looking to carry the hottest products, CBD Living offers the chance to feature many different CBD items while dealing with just one company. For consumers, it’s a vast array of products to choose from and find the best way to get CBD into your health and wellness plan.

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