Nine Classic Rock Marijuana Songs You Really Need to Hear

Legalized and mainstream, marijuana is quickly moving away from the long-held image of stoners sitting on the couch, then hitting White Castle on the way to the Pink Floyd laser light show.

Still, certain music will always be associated with cannabis. For one thing, some songs explicitly mention it. For another, they have that perfect vibe that fits with kicking back and relaxing.

These days, a marijuana user is more apt to be a professional loosening their tie or kicking off their heels after a long day at the office. Even so, these songs still provide a great soundtrack to unwind.

Classic Rock Marijuana Songs: The List

Note that this list sticks to classic rock. Hip hop and rap provides a whole other treasure trove of marijuana songs. But that’s a list for another day.

Links to videos for the songs included just to make it that much easier.

“Purple Haze,” Jimi Hendrix

Sort of the ultimate, trippy rock song back when the counterculture was booming. Here’s a version of Hendrix playing the song live. Take a moment to appreciate how easy this guy makes guitar playing look. Excuse him while he kisses the sky.

“The Joker,” Steve Miller

We don’t know what Steve Miller is talking about either. The pompetous of love? But this song about a space cowboy and “midnight toker” has been a favorite of marijuana fans for decades. A laid back vibe, and also pretty funny.

“Rainy Day Women #12 & 35,” Bob Dylan

He would not feel so all alone, everybody must get stoned. In typical Dylan fashion, it’s not entirely clear where he is coming from on this song. Also, multiply 12 by 35. Pretty weird, right?

“Legalize It,” Peter Tosh

Nothing subtle about this one. In the late 1970s, reggae star Tosh was already calling for legalized marijuana. He offers a long list of professionals who already use it, including judges and lawyers.

“Hash Pipe,” Weezer

Does Weezer count as classic rock? Well, it’s been 16 years and this song is still heard everywhere, so yes. You’ve got your problems, he’s got his hash pipe. Here’s a bonus Weezer song with pretty much the perfect vibe and sentiment. Plus cool animals.

“You Don’t Know How It Feels,” Tom Petty

Petty has the market cornered on laid back and cool. This one, with moonlight rides and the radio playing loud, distills the whole Petty experience into one song. Plus, there’s the bit about “let’s roll another joint.”

“Sweet Leaf,” Black Sabbath

Probably the most famous cough in rock history opens this song. Word of warning, though. This one is only good if you like heavy metal. As usual, the guitars are thick as molasses and Ozzy Osbourne does some quality screeching.

“One Toke Over The Line,” Brewer and Shipley

Honestly, this is on the list just to encourage you to watch this video and contemplate just how long ago the 1970s were. But obviously this one is a staple of any marijuana song list.

“Pass the Kouchie,” The Mighty Diamonds

Yes, this will sound familiar. That’s because you likely heard the remake done by Musical Youth. But The Mighty Diamonds first sang about friends hanging out and enjoying a “cool and lovely breezy afternoon.” See what you learn when you read to the end of the article?

Is this list everything? No. Is this list a good start? Most definitely.

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